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12 Fabulous DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decor

Even if the feast is the star of the show, beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces can make the meal even more special (or at least more festive). Fall-themed centerpieces will complement the warm atmosphere created by the place settings, place cards and, of course, the big turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing you spent the day preparing.

With fall produce, fallen leaves and all things art related, your table can be a source of harvest inspiration. Take a look at these simple Thanksgiving centerpiece concepts to create a stunning piece. This piece will add warmth to your table and be a sophisticated addition to your already cozy fall decor.

1. Wheat Centerpiece Decoration.

You don’t essentially need a pumpkin to create your Thanksgiving table decoration concepts. Using straws and ribbon, you can create a simple bouquet that will look great on any table.

2. Time Capsule.

Not only is this a beautiful centerpiece, but it’s also an opportunity for loved ones to take what each family member is most thankful for, without having to spend it or look at it later. Simply fill a small jar with nuts and leaves and place a note tied with a ribbon.

3. Candle Clusters.

Using completely different colored nuts, this centerpiece is a bold design that only takes 5 minutes to create.

 ideas for Thanksgiving table decor


  1. Place one type of nut in a hurricane base. Do the same for the other side of the container, using one nut for each hurricane vase.
  2. Carefully place a candle in each hurricane vase until it is seated securely in the nut, barely holding the nut on each side.
  3. Place the hurricane bases on a tray and prepare dry leaves around them to complete the project.

4. Make the centerpiece of the candleholder from a gourd.

Poke a hole in the middle of each pumpkin or mini pumpkin, stack them on top of each other and insert a tapered candle to create a festive Thanksgiving candle holder.

5. “Time to Glow” Thanksgiving centerpiece

Inspired by the lights shining outside your door, this little topple can be placed on the table and completed in less than 20 minutes. These crafts are also adorable when gathered in the entryway.


  1. Using scissors, cut the topmost part of each bag. Using a hole punch, punch a scalloped feature into the top edge of each bag.
  2. Crush the cardboard so that it is slightly smaller than the entrance of one of the bags. Unfold the bag and insert the cardboard into the bag. Print out the leaf templates, place one on top of the bag and tape it securely. Use a nail to cut a hole in the template and bag so that the cardboard does not let the nail through to the other side. Carefully remove the tape and take out the template.
  3. Repeat step 2, using the special sheet template to make variations. Lift the roll and straighten it.
  4. Fill three cups with lit lanterns. Place one cup in each bag and light it.
  5. Group them on a cutting board or punch tray if you like.

 ideas for Thanksgiving table decor

6. Rustic and beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece arrangement

Seasonal vegetables, herbs, and white candles of varying heights are arranged on this rustic serving tray to create a warm atmosphere at the Thanksgiving table. Just be sure to use unscented candles if you light them during dinner! Because aromatherapy can ruin your taste buds. You can easily buy home decorations at many shops online with a lot of discount codes available on Couponxoo.com

7. Pumpkin centerpiece decoration.

Add some sparkle and Thanksgiving spirit to your table with these precious mini pumpkins. Using a stationery knife, make a triangular cut in a long strip of paper and insert the cut inside the stem. For the polka dot design, place a small dot of glue on the pumpkin and sprinkle with the appropriate amount of glitter. For the double dip pattern, paint the pumpkin with spray paint, then apply craft glue to the bottom half and gently press it into a bowl of glitter.

8. Flower crown vase

Make a seasonal vase that can be reused after 12 months. Using a whole artificial pumpkin, cut a slit in the back of the large pumpkin and use different sized screwdrivers to poke a hole in the middle of the pumpkin. Slide the flower stems out of the hole and attach a water-filled flower stick from the inside. For smaller pumpkins, cut off the top and fill the flower sticks with small stems.

9. Thanksgiving candy centerpiece decoration

If you want the sparkle of classic mercury glass without the hefty price tag, assemble small bottles of different sizes and shapes. Fill a bottle half with water and half with white vinegar and spray the glass. Apply the spray to the glass, let it dry, then wipe it with a paper towel. Repeat these steps until you achieve the desired shine.

10. Fall Flowers.

Pair candy with local flowers and kitchen jars.


  1. Take empty clear food jars and use tongs to press the sharp edges.
  2. Apply hot melt glue to the sides of the primary can in a vertical circle and glue most of the corn leaf. Make sure it is secure and ready to use. Continue until the entire jar is covered. Using scissors, straighten the top and back of the jar. Repeat for the remaining jars.
  3. Wrap a large piece of ribbon around each jar and tie a knot. Trim the ends so there are no folds.
  4. Choose bouquets and pots (stick to the same color flowers for each combination to create a unified look). Place the stems next to the jars and measure their height (they should be slightly higher than the tallest part of the jar). Using scissors or pruning shears, cut the ends at an angle so they can absorb more water.
  5. Fill each jar with cold tap water and fill it with the food bag that came with the bouquet. Place the flowers in the pots and gently inflate them to fit comfortably. Repeat with different flowers until the jar is full. Arrange in the center of the table.

11. Blooming Flowers.

To make this adorable bouquet, first, paint a few dozen acorns or pine cones gold. Then place the elongated orbs in a larger vase and fill the holes with acorns. Tie a string to the Pinocchios and place the flowers next to the smaller vase. Tie it all together with an appropriate ribbon.

12. Wheat Centerpiece

There’s nothing more rustic and handmade than wheat stalks tied with a crimson ribbon.

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