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3 The Best Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

In the meantime, Instagram remains the sweetheart of the social media world for marketers. It’s easy to understand why, considering that 13% of the population on Earth is on Instagram, and over 80% are following. According to Oberlo, engagement is measured in terms of shares, likes, and consumer comments beyond the norm, boasting an average of 4.21 percent. This is ten times more than Facebook and 54 times more than Pinterest, and 84 times greater than Twitter. click here

In addition to these impressive topline numbers. New challenges are being identified that suggest the potential of Instagram. Marketing is fading because of lower engagement rates and rivals from other platforms like TikTok.

With this in mind, active marketers are looking for ways to boost Instagram engagement, despite some issues. This is why we come up with these 23 suggestions to ensure your organic and paid marketing campaigns are hitting their goals and protect your Instagram marketing strategies today and in the near future. Let get started.

1. Post regularly

have to be active to draw followers and increase engagement rates, but how are they

According to research that has been conducted, the ideal frequency is to post a steady 1-2 articles every day. So that your feed is current and fresh, and you’ll have more chances to draw viewers to your posts. Finding the ideal time to publish on Instagram is crucial, particularly regarding Facebook’s algorithms-based timeline.

The recommended post time can differ widely based on the person you follow. With some recommending 8 am to 9 am, or 2 pm between 2 pm and 5 pm to post your initial post, and even 5 am for your subsequent post, the inconsistency could cause actual confusion for Content planners.

What can we learn from this?

Take a look for yourself in FashionNova as well as National Geographic. FashionNova is an online clothing retailer published 30 times daily, about one update every 30 minutes! It might seem like a lot of work, but the company’s 17.3M followers don’t believe that. With that many followers, a low engagement rate of 0.07 percent.

Posting up to 30 times daily ensures that those interested in the topic see at the very least a handful of Fashion Nova’s articles every day.On the contrary, National Geographic uses a more traditional approach. The posts are at least 5-7 times every day. With 135 million followers and a participation rate of 0.24 percent is an impressive achievement.

Two highly successful with two distinct strategies.So, there’s no magical solution to the optimal quantity or time you should post to Instagram.The best thing to do is discover your Instagram followers’ habits using the Insights feature on Your Instagram Business and Creator accounts.

This will help you determine the times when your followers are the most active and allows you to plan accordingly, making sure your posts are always on top of your followers’ feeds.

2. Do not preach; use stories instead

Instagram is filled with unprofessional  messages that overlook the purpose behind the social media platform to be a ‘visual-inspiration platform.’You aim to engage your customers with videos, images, or texts, not just preach marketing messages to them.

To improve engagement rates To increase engagement rates, consider becoming a storyteller by sharing micro-stories through your captions or video, stories on Instagram, and your profile.

People today want to connect, and storytelling is one way to provide this. People who feel a strong emotional connection with your story are likely to purchase and share the content with their friends.For inspiration, you can follow innovative Instagram storytellers like Airbnb, Red Bull, Lego, Patagonia, and Nike.

One method to incorporate storytelling elements into the Instagram marketing. Strategy is posting content from users that are in tune with your company’s. Another approach is to focus on telling stories using your captions.

The takeaway?

More extended captions incorporating authenticity and storytelling are especially effective as they make look more authentic and create more intimate connections with their intended viewers when done right.

Witty captions also stop viewers in their tracks and can increase the time they’ll spend watching your blog post.

Extended captions are now an increasingly popular trend that was first embraced by influencers who use Instagram captions as micro-blogs.

As per Instagram, the influencer Christina Galbato, who has worked with such as Revolve and The Four Seasons, and Olay, “micro-blogging captions are great because they’re very engaging, help you in the algorithm and encourage saves & shares.”

As well as being a fashion and trend, extended captions are part of a broader trend towards authenticity and provide an added level of credibility to a platform often criticized as superficial.

Consider Patagonia as an illustration. Patagonia is a sustainable type of outerwear. An expert at telling stories, its website is brimming with stories about the natural world outdoors, nature, and outdoor sports.

In this instance, Patagonia opted for an exciting caption about the importance of protecting. Indigenous land in Canada.Airbnb is another excellent example of storytelling. Airbnb uses Stories to show fascinating hosts, experiences, and places.

Don’t simply post pictures of your products and sales pitch–provide information that matches your audience. Interest or assist them with their concerns. Ensure you embrace various content formats like tales, IGTV, videos, captions, and images.

3. Create a strong  

Clarity, creativity, and consistency are the key to businesses looking to establish recognition on Instagram. A random, chaotic method isn’t going to work.

Concentrate on critical areas such as presenting your profile by creating styles to keep your photos looking fresh and mastering the use of hashtags.

It is also essential to interact frequently with your followers to increase engagement and build loyalty.

By mapping your process and best practices on Instagram. You will be able to ensure you are presenting a positive and consistent image to the people you want to reach.


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