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A Guide To Mandelic Acid: Benefits And Ways To Use It 

The concept of applying acid to your face might have seemed like a nightmare a few years ago. We are familiar with the advantages of skincare acids these days. The key is picking the perfect acid to fit your skin’s particular requirements. Acids are a great way to make your everyday skincare routine more effective. The trick is to choose the correct ingredient which targets your skin concerns. Salicylic and hyaluronic acids are already discussed in terms of their benefits, but you might not know about mandelic acid. We hope that this blog helps you know this skincare ingredient better. 

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What is Mandelic acid?

It is an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds, but it is gentler than other AHAs like glycolic acid and lactic acid. AHAs exfoliate by breaking the bonds between cells to reveal brighter, clearer skin, assisting in clearing pores and balancing skin tone. Mandelic acid is a larger molecule, around twice the size of glycolic acid, in contrast to other AHAs. Mandelic acid also absorbs considerably more slowly in the skin. Its slower absorption rate may explain why it causes minor skin irritation than other AHAs.

Benefits of Mandelic acid

  1. It helps in minimizing early signs of ageing
    In the field of skincare, mandelic acid is a staple anti-aging component. In addition to accelerating cell turnover, it helps remove dead skin on the surface, which can lead to dull complexions and fine lines. During chemical exfoliation, mandelic skin removes old, damaged skin cells and replaces them with fresher ones. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production, one of the structural components of the skin’s support system that gives it its youthful firmness.
  2. Fades hyperpigmentation
    Melasma is a common skin issue where the face acquires light to dark brown or greyish pigmentation. Mandelic acid can reduce melasma by up to 50% in four weeks, resulting in an even skin tone. Since hyperpigmentation exists only in the epidermis, this constant shedding will ultimately remove the rough spots from the surface, resulting in a more even complexion.
  3. It helps in combating acne.
    The antibacterial properties of mandelic acid are very effective in curing acne. Additionally, it aids in controlling sebum production, reducing breakouts’ frequency. Studies have even shown that mandelic acid can help people with cystic acne.

Tips for including Mandelic acid in your routine 

  1. Start gradually.
    Choose products that contain low concentrations of mandelic acid when you use them for the first time. Before trying a more potent product, ensure your skin doesn’t itch. You must first patch test before applying the product to your entire face.
  2. Limit the use
    For starters, experts advise minimizing how frequently you use any alpha hydroxy acid. Apply it once every several days at first and work your way up to everyday use.
  3. Sun protection is a must.
    Chemical exfoliants of every kind are all acids. Acids often increase the sensitivity of your skin to UV radiation. Going outside without sunscreen may damage your skin and result in hyperpigmentation. Use sunscreen with a higher SPF after applying mandelic acid to protect your skin.
  4. Perform a Patch Test
    You should always perform a patch test, regardless of the mandelic acid concentration you start with. In the following 24-48 hours, apply some product to your jaw and check to see if there is any adverse reaction. Reduce the concentration of mandelic acid or stop using it if you feel redness, irritation, swelling, etc.
  5. Massage it into Your Skin Thoroughly
    Mandelic acid needs more time to absorb into your skin. Therefore, massage it into your skin to make it more effective until it completely absorbs. Mandelic acid won’t penetrate your skin if you rub it in for a minute before slathering on the following product. Give your face a slow, gentle massage with your fingertips.

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