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Aria Ella Thornton (Young Dolph’s Child) Bio, Age, and More

The union also produced Adolph Robert Thomton Jr. and Mia Jaye. Therefore Aria Ella Thornton is the youngest of the three children that resulted from it. In a somewhat analogous manner, Dolph’s biological father has forsaken not just his children but also the woman he had been seeing for a substantial amount of time. This abandonment occurred before the children were even born. Aria Ella Thornton, who is now five years old and young Dolph kids, Mia Thornton, entered the world in April this year. Aria Ella is the daughter of Dolph and Mia Thornton.

Father of Aria Ella

Aria Ella Thornton is his daughter, better known by his stage name young Dolph kids. He is Aria Ella Thornton’s father. He had just 36 years of life left when a stray gunshot took his life in front of his home. He was only 36 years old.

People had very high esteem for him even though he only lived for a brief period, passing away on November 17, 2021, after being born on July 27, 1985. He was in a committed relationship with Mia Jaye for several years.

Even though they were never married, they were blessed with two children. The family is supported financially by two of Tre Tre Thomson’s children: Aria Ella Thornton, the youngest of his daughters, and Tre Tre Thomson’s eldest son. The passing of Adolph left an immeasurable void in the lives of his children and fiancée a year ago.

When a family member passes away, it is a devastating blow to the rest of the group. If you have a child, it is the father of that child; if you have a girlfriend, it is that woman’s boyfriend. Some of the songs that Adolph Roberts has composed are called “100 shots,” “Talking to my scale,” “Foreva,” “Water on Water on Water on,” “To be honest,” and “no sense,” among others.

Aria Ella’s mother

Aria Ella Thornton has her mother in this person. She was born in the United States of America in Detroit, Michigan, on April 15, 1989. Adolph Robert, who has been married to Mia Jaye for a long time, is a famous American rapper.

Because of how prominent she is on social media, Ms. Jaye is recognized as a successful entrepreneur, humanitarian, and philanthropist. Throughout her work, she has also been successful with a podcast that she has developed and distributed. Alongside her sister Mon E.O., Miss Jaye is also one of the founders of the fashion label. Her capacity for independence is not in question.

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More about Aria Ella

Considering that she was born in April of 2017, she will be five years old in 2022. Her birthday is in April. She is the youngest child of her parents and also holds the status of being the youngest sibling among her other siblings.

Aria Ella Thornton was born the most recent of all of her siblings. When Aria Ella Thornton was first brought into the world, she was a brand-new baby girl. She had just been born. The fact that she was just born in April of this year means that she is only 5 years old.

Aria Ella Thornton does not fulfill the standards to verify her Instagram account or any other social media account since she is too young. Other social media platforms may have different requirements. Even if her Instagram name and profiles on other social media platforms may become available to her in a few years, she is not authorized to manage any social media accounts at this time.

This restriction applies even though she may eventually be able to access them. The annual birthday celebration for Aria Ella Thornton takes place in April of each year, beginning in 2017. Her accurate birth date is not recorded anywhere, and neither she nor her parents have ever provided any details about it to any other party. Neither of these things has ever happened.


As a direct result, she and her long-term partner have finally tied the knot, started a family, and begun taking on the obligations of becoming parents. It was a well-known rapper by the name of Adolph who was the one who first brought her music to the attention of new audiences.

Because of the breakup of her relationship with Adolph, she is now responsible for running her own company and caring for their two small children. Before the separation, Aria Ella Thornton was only tasked with caring for the children. Her children refer to her as “supermom” because she can simultaneously demonstrate their mother and father’s love to them. This is one of the reasons why they call her “supermom.” This is the inspiration for the name that they choose for her.

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