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Best 5 Online Tools for Business Consultants

Whether you all are thinking about beginning a consulting business for the first time or are seasoned business consultants, you will realize that the advice you give your customers needs to be truly innovative. 

Therefore, you need the greatest consulting tools whether you’re self-employed or managing a business consultancy with support personnel.

Can you imagine carrying out all of your daily activities on paper? Thankfully, we live in a world where there are so many digital alternatives available. The greatest tools are necessary for everything, including client acquisition and project management. Without them, many business consultants will be juggling too many things and failing to master them.

Although there are always new software solutions available, certain business consulting tools will always be necessary.

If you’re determined to build your consulting company, you should think about investing in top tools and strategies. You may feel as if you are being pushed in a million different directions while running a consulting business. The good news is that you may use useful tools and software to stay organized, focused, and on track as you do your daily tasks.

So, if you’ve been looking everywhere for the best business consultant tools? Search no further. Here are the five most crucial business consulting tools you’ll need.

1. Appointment Scheduling Tool

Online scheduling is a crucial lead generation tool for business consultants. The biggest issue for many people is choosing the ideal consultant for their business. Business consulting is crucial in solving problems and giving the proper suggestions. Having appointment scheduling software is a wonderful idea for the expansion of your company. 


Picktime is a free online appointment scheduling tool that allows you to keep track of your appointments, staff, services, and clients. With the customizable appointment booking page, your clients can schedule appointments online. Your appointment management mistakes go down as a result. Additionally, it aids in the maintenance of a secure client database that can be utilized for email marketing. This enables you to guarantee that you are constantly in contact with your clients.

2. Time-tracking tool

You’ll spend a lot of time switching clients as your consulting business expands. One hour working on survey data here, another meeting with someone elsewhere. When it comes time to send out your bills, it may be a hassle to keep track of all of it.

An excellent time tracker is simple to use, has customizable categories, and produces clear helpful data.


Time is money for organizations that provide consulting services. You must rigorously track which accounts you are working on at any given time. Accurate time reporting is essential because you probably use accounting software to bill your customers on an hourly basis.

Toggl is a software program that can track the time your team spends on client and office work. Even reports on overhead and employee scheduling are included. This allows you to manage your entire team’s time from one location. Toggl Track makes time tracking and reporting simple.

3. Communication Tool

Working from home? Have trouble receiving timely responses to emails and messages?

Your team needs a chat app like Slack since you can’t just drop by your manager’s office to ask him a quick inquiry.


Slack is fantastic since it enables you to set up both client-facing and internal chat threads for your team. It’s a practical approach to communicating with everyone in your company without cluttering up your inbox. Slack incorporates a wide variety of new features, which makes it an important tool for business consultants.

4. Graphic Design Tool

It can be challenging to meet the demand for high-quality material. But, don’t worry, with thousands of professional templates, stock photos, and high-quality images at your disposal, Canva makes it simple for you to create graphics.


Canva is a free design tool with a large library of templates for business consultants to pick from. It provides hundreds of attractive templates to spark your imagination and begin the design process. Canva is an efficient choice whether you’re looking to produce social media designs, presentations, or papers. You can also easily put together a business presentation or proposition using this platform.

Even better, you can use Canva to immediately organize, write, schedule, and publicize your social media posts.

5. Social Media Management Tool

Keeping up with all the social media networks at your disposal becomes challenging. So, to manage all of your social media accounts, you need a reliable tool.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool. It enables business consultants to keep an eye on numerous social media accounts from one location. You may monitor brand mentions with Hootsuite, examine social media statistics, and prepare posts in advance. For business consultants who wish to publish large amounts of content across various social media networks, this can be an effective instrument.

For consultants who want to use social media marketing to grow their firm, this tool is extremely necessary.


In conclusion, adopting the appropriate consulting tools can significantly simplify your work as a business consultant. You understand the importance of relationships in business as a consultant. Therefore, by streamlining your firm with the appropriate technology, you may please your clients and strengthen relationships.

Before incorporating a new tool into your daily routine, make sure to evaluate the cost and contract terms. Everywhere you go, there appears to be new software or tools promising to make running your consulting business smoother. We, therefore, anticipate that these five online tools will assist you in managing a more productive and effective consulting firm.

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