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Best Mental Health Clinic in Multan

Mental health is still one of the taboo topics to talk about in Pakistan. There is now awareness among people and many psychologists are working in hospitals or in private clinics to help people. But there is still one problem which is the generation gap. The younger generation understands the concept of mental health and its importance. This is the generation to raise awareness regarding mental health because this is the generation suffering the most from mental health issues and illnesses.

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The generation gap

We all know how boomers are, they just do not understand and do not want to understand there are some things that actually affect their mental health. In fact, they don’t even accept that mental health and illness is something real. They think this is just a sign of weakness and their favorite thing to do is to relate everything to religion.

Feeling sad or depressed? That’s because we don’t follow the religion. Feeling anxious and hopeless? That’s because you don’t have faith in God. We know that spiritual wellness is as important as mental and physical health. But there are many things that can trigger and affect mental health, and our older generation is not ready for this conversation.

How the situation got better over the years

Over the years, the mental health situation got much better in Pakistan but that too just in urban areas. Talking on the bright side, the study of psychology got popular among Pakistani students and many students started practicing in private clinics.

For years, mental health services and therapy were just a thing for the rich, it was considered a luxury to be able to afford therapy. But over time, public hospitals also started offering psychiatry services almost free of cost and the number of clinics started increasing at affordable rates. Now you can visit any mental health clinic in Multan, Lahore, or in any other big city.

People now talk about depression, anxiety, and some other mental issues. Although very few of them are able to distinguish between these illnesses. But the good thing is, at least now people talk and consider them as an illness. There are social media support groups and online sites to get help anonymously. Let’s talk about some good mental health clinics.

Spring Clinic  

Spring clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan which offers quality services to people suffering from mental health issues. It is a project by Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital which is the best private hospital in South Punjab. They offer services to people of every age. Usually, people get traumatized after surgeries and heavy treatments at the hospital, the experts at the spring clinic know how to help these people.

They have the most qualified psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and speech therapists. Speech issues in children are the most prevailing issue in Pakistan and spring clinic is providing one of the best speech therapy services in Pakistan. These are some other services they provide to people:

Helping women with postpartum depression

Many women suffer from postpartum depression after the delivery. Every woman has a different experience of pregnancy and delivery. For some women it can be very difficult and painful, it leaves a mark on their minds and takes some time to recover. During this time spring clinic helps them to overcome this depression and live a healthy life.

Helping children after cochlear implant surgery

Cochlear implant surgery can be hard for children. After the surgery children have to learn how to speak properly and how to comprehend letters. Spring clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan to treat children after this surgery and help them speak normally according to their age.

Children with autism

Children with autism need special and extra care. Parents always need expert guidance on how to treat and deal with their autistic child. At the spring clinic, there are professionals who know the accurate therapies for children with autism. They offer behavioral therapy and psychosocial therapies to children to enhance their abilities.

Spring clinic ensures that people get the right diagnosis and treatment so they can live a quality life in the future. Mental health is also a matter of life just like physical health and the professionals at spring clinic understand that. This is why it is the best mental health clinic in Multan

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