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A Cell Phone Repair Store in Beddington BLVD NW Explain Water Damage

According to the technicians at a cell phone repair store in Beddington, BLVD NW, the most dangerous element that will damage electronic gadgets is water and moisture. It can quickly go through the smallest holes and cracks because of the liquid consistency. The damage intensity can be great if immediate action is not taken to fix the device.

Will a Cell Phone Repair Store in Beddington BLVD NW Handle Water Damage?

Gadget users often wonder why asking repair shops about fixing water damage is important. They should understand that not all shops offer this repair service. The shop’s management can have several reasons, like the unavailability of the right tools, untrained mechanics, and the scarce space for water damage repair. So, it is important to search the websites of different shops to know if this service is available.

Clues Associated with Device Water Damage

When you take your device to a repair shop, the technician will examine the openings in the gadgets, including charging, USB, other ports, cell phone mic, and speaker. If there is an indication of moisture present, then this means that water might have been reached inside the device. Other than checking the openings, the following clues are investigated.

Water Vapors on the Gadget Screen

The technicians will check the presence of water vapors on the screen in two ways to know the damage intensity. They will first remove the protective screen cover and wipe off the water. In many cases, the moisture is removed, and there is no indication that water is present. But in other situations, water droplets are visible even after cleaning the screen. This means water has reached inside.

Charging is a Big Problem

Cell phone repair center technicians next check the device is charging. The charging port is one of the biggest openings from where water can easily enter the gadget. After drying, the device is connected to the charger to check if the gadget is charging.

Checking the Liquid Damage Indicator Colors

Although the two signs mentioned above should be enough to judge that the device has been damaged by water, often, the first indicators don’t occur, so this third sign must also be considered. Technicians check the liquid damage indicating strip at repair stores like CellNtech, located in the latest phones’ SIM and memory card slots. In older versions, the charging port has the indicator. The damage is intense when the color changes from light to dark red, purple, or orange.

Device Saving Tips from Mechanics at a Cell Phone Repair Center

Clients should understand that the repair mechanics must also provide excellent tips for minimizing water damage. The important information that will help gadget users minimize damage include the following.

Switch the Device off Right Away

The immediate thing that you should do is immediately take the device out of the water or remove it from the wet area. The next step initial step suggested by technicians doing phone repairs in Beddington, BLVD NW, is to switch off the device.

Carefully Removing all Attachments and Accessories

After following the previous step, device users must remove all accessories and attachments from the cell phone. These important things include the battery, headphones, screen protector, mobile cover, SIM, and memory card.

Drying the Moisture from the Cell Phones

Several individuals could encourage you to use raw rice to absorb the moisture from the gadget. This technique might be fit for removing water droplets from the outside. Instead of burying the device in uncooked rice, you can use other items like cotton cloth, silica gel, towels, and sponges to absorb water.

Never Leave the Device in the Sun

It might seem a good idea to leave the gadget in the sun because it will evaporate the water. But it will cause serious issues like heating the device. So, never make the mistake of leaving the device in the sun or a room that will heat up often and frequently.

These are the signs of water damage indicated by technicians at a cell phone repair store in Beddington BLVD NW and tips to reduce water damage.

Below are three questions that will further explain water damage to electronic gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of water damage on a phone?

The water damage signs indicated by technicians at a cell phone repair store in Beddington BLVD NW include that the device will be unable to charge. Water vapors on the inner side of the screen. The color of the liquid damage indicator will turn purple, orange, or red.

Can phones with water damage be fixed?

If the clients bring the devices immediately to the repair shops, then there is a chance that your gadget can be saved. But don’t make the mistake of getting the device after two days.

How long does a phone need to dry?

The gadget could take a couple of hours to several days to dry. This time depends on the device type and how long the gadget was exposed to the water.

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