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T-Shirt Printing in NYC Helps in Getting Brilliant Designs

Horus New York comes up with professionals who create unique designs on t-shirts and other garments. Custom t-shirt printing in NYC helps you get exclusive designs on the garments. The professionals first check the quality of fabric and accordingly choose the ink to create the designs.

A Brief View of the Garment Printing Technique

Here you will get familiar with different garment printing techniques:

#1: Screen Printing

Screen printing is a widely used technique, and it helps you get vibrant designs. Also, the designs last for a longer period, and you can keep using the garments. Also, screen printing helps professionals imprint the designs faster, and it becomes easy to manage large orders.

#2: Direct to Garment Printing

DTG printing in NYC makes use of inkjet technology, and you can get high-quality photography prints directly on the garments. DTG printing machines help you get the best colour combinations, and you will find it easy to get custom t-shirt printing in NYC. This technique helps you avoid splitting of ink, and it’s injected directly into the fabric.

#3: Print on Demand

Horus New York came up with a demand printing service, and you can now get customized designs. It’s the best option for retail promotion, and now you can promote your brand to a bigger audience. The professionals first understand the concept of your business and, accordingly, imprint the design on the garments.

#4: Vinyl Printing

This method makes use of a dye cut in the shape you want. It helps you get the best colours on the garments, and you will get exclusive designs. Horus New York turns out with high-quality vinyl stickers, and they use a laminate which is scratch resistant. The laminate protects the colours from fading out, and the paint lasts longer. The professionals at Horus New York use new materials which can be repositioned and re-used according to clients’ needs.

#5 Photo Prints

It’s the most useful technique for photographers and designers. Horus New York comes up with a flatbed scanner along with an oversized scanning table. Now, you can get accurate colour prints, and the professionals are well-trained to use modern machines.

#6 Brand Consultation

Horus New York helps in developing brands, and they provide good solutions for your business consultancy. It’s time to give your business a new start, and the t-shirt printing service makes it easy to get the logo printed. Custom t-shirt printing in NYC thus brings positive aspects, and your business will grow, achieving an estimable position.

So, you get a clear idea of how Horus New York helps you get custom t-shirt printing in NYC. It’s time to get new custom apparel, and they help you explore exceptional quality. They can help you get the prints on varied quality garments, and thus you will feel confident. It’s easy to get in touch with the professionals, and they will reveal the details of their services.

Nowadays, DTG printing in NYC is gaining popularity, and you can contact professionals to know more about the technology. Here, you will find unlimited colour options, and you can choose vivid colours that depict the design prominently.

Types of Screen Printing Ink

Next, here you will get familiar with the types of screen printing inks:

Type #1: Plastisol Ink

This ink helps you avoid wastage, and you can use it on different fabrics. Also, you can add additives that give it a thick texture.

Type #2: Water-based Ink

This ink is made of natural ingredients, and it’s a suitable option for lighter garments. Also, it’s good for the skin and allows your skin to breathe.

Apart from these, there are other inks available for use and a professional needs to choose the right one.

Importance of Screen Printing in Connecticut

Horus New York provides the best screen printing service in Connecticut, and you can now get tailored garments. Small businesses in Connecticut thus find it easy to promote their products, and you will learn the importance of screen printing in Connecticut. There are different types of printing techniques, and you can choose the suitable one that helps you the accurate prints. And you can seek the help of an expert who recommends you the feasible option.

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