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DLT Registration With Trueconnect Jio

Distributed ledger technology, or DLT, operates on a registration system based on the Blockchain. To keep track of these transactions, all the records of transactions conducted by network users are kept under this ledger.

In order to deliver SMS to their customers and clients, any marketer, commercial entity, or individual must register with the DLT operators under TRAI requirements.

Therefore, in order to send SMS and connect with your customers, you must register a DLT template with the DLT operator if you are a commercial organization. 

Online Jio DLT sign-in: For every person or corporate entity, the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has provided the most recent rules.

In order to continue delivering SMS to consumers and clients, every firm must register on a DLT platform. The TRAI’s new regulations are created to put the TCCCPR recommendations into practice.

Therefore, registering themselves with the DLT platform together with their heads or sender IDs and content templates becomes imperative for all firms, corporations, and telemarketers.

Jio Bulk SMS Registration

You must register with the Jio DLT platform in order to deliver SMS to your clients and consumers as required by the TRAI guidelines. All DLT platform operators have been instructed by TRAI to impose traffic restrictions on primary entities that have not registered their own header or sender IDs with the DLT content template as part of this regulation.

In light of this, it is imperative that you register in accordance with the new TRAI regulations. Information on how to register for a Jio DLT login is available here.

Visit the appropriate DLT site for Reliance Jio and finish the required content and header template registration. If it applies to you, you must additionally submit consumer permission for this. As of August 1, 2020, TRAI’s mandate says that only headers and templates that have been registered with DLT will be able to send SMS delivery. 

JIO DLT Registration Process

Organizations and businesses that use or want to use the bulk SMS service must first register with Trueconnect JIO DLT. No one may use their brand name to send communications via internet portals without first registering with DLT. Reliance The largest subscriber base and the top supplier of wireless telecommunications networks in India are both held by JIO.

Every operator has created their own by utilizing DLT Registration, a blockchain-based system offered by them TRAI. It was put in place to regulate nagging SMS communication, which was the root of many fraudulent SMS and the source of large-scale financial losses for many victims.

The A2Z SMS communication method refers to the submission of messages following DLT Platform header and template cleansing, followed by termination over operator networks to the mobile device. Every header and template registration is examined by the JIO DLT registrar, and they only authorize it if everything is found to be in compliance with regulations. Businesses and telemarketers may register for DLT on the JIO DLT Portal.

Click on the following link to begin the JIO DLT Registration process:

The primary goals and steps in the JIO DLT Registration procedure are:

  • Principle Entity Registration.
  • Telemarketer Registration.

Documents Needed for Registration of Both the Principal Entity and the Telemarketer.

  • Company PAN Card  
  • GST/TAN/FSSAI/Incorporation/Shop Registration Certificate
  • PAN/DL/Voter ID/Aadhar of Authorized Person  
  • Email id and Mobile Number.

Process for Registering a JIO Principle Entity.

In order to use the JIO DLT Platform, businesses must register their company as a Principal Entity. The A2P messaging and voice app is required to send and receive SMS and audio communications. The steps to registering a principal entity on the JIO DLT platform are as follows:

  • Open the following URL in a new window:
  • Select New Registration after clicking Principle Entity.
  • Select “No” if you haven’t previously done so, or “Yes” if you have and input the PEID.
  • On the next page, choose and fill in all of the necessary data, and then upload the necessary documents.
  • You will be given an acknowledgement after you have clicked the “submit” button, provided that all of the information that you submitted is accurate.
  • After this, you will get an email with your login information, which indicates that the registration process was successful.

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