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Dresses And Accessories To Wear In Italy Summer

Italian fashion is minimal and simple. Italian women always keep their style straight and basic. This is the reason why Italy is known as the hub of fashion. Here people are trend-setters rather than trend followers. In short, the entire world takes fashion tips and ideas from Italian people. Most of the globally acclaimed fashion brands are from Italy. What makes Italians different from others is that they prefer to wear dresses and accessories that make them feel comfortable. Once you are comfortable in your dress, you seem confident. These 2C’s are important to look stylish and smart. And Italian women look smart and fashionable because of this reason. In this ongoing summer season, if you are visiting Italy, you should have basic ideas about the Italian summer dresses and accessories that you should definitely pack in your bag.

Basic Italian dresses such as linen dungarees, Italian linen jumpsuits, lagenlook dresses and so on will help you a lot in enjoying the summer in Italy. These dresses are easily available online. Belle Love Clothing is an online store where you are going to get all these dresses along with different other types of dresses and fashion accessories.

In this article we are going to look at different types of dresses and accessories that you should wear in Italy Summer to look fashionable and smart.

According Different Locations in Italy

Summer is always warm in Italy. But the temperature varies according to different geographical locations in Italy. At some places it is the hottest and at some it is mildly hot and warm. So if you are visiting different geographical locations, make sure that you are wearing suitable dresses and accessories as per the location.

italian summer dresses

In the mountains, the temperature is low as compared to the Italian cities or the southern part of Italy. So when visiting these mountains, it is better to wear lagenlook dresses, because these dresses will make you feel comfortable at this low temperature. Sometimes some people plan to hike in the mountains as well. If you have such plans, make sure that you are wearing proper boots for the hike and have a backpack having all other technical and safety accessories.

If you are visiting a sea beach or an island in Italy, there the temperature is comparatively higher than the mountains. The climate in these regions is warm and windy. For such weather, make sure that you are having Italian summer dresses such as maxi dresses or midi dresses in linen fabric. Along with that waterproof and lightweight footwear, sunscreen and sun hat are a must, if you are visiting a beach or island in Italy.

linen dungarees

If you have a plan of sightseeing and visiting churches in different cities of Italy, you need to wear appropriate dress, especially for visiting a church. Some churches even have a dress code, where you need to completely cover your body. If you do not cover up your body, they won’t allow you inside the church. So to avoid such a situation, you can wear linen dungarees or Italian linen jumpsuits. However, avoid wearing sleeveless dungarees and jumpsuits. Wear those dungarees and jumpsuits that cover your shoulders. If you are wearing a midi dress or shorts, make sure that you are wearing a pair of stockings or just tie a shawl around your waist to cover up your legs.

Essential Things to Pack, If You Are Visiting Italy Between June and August

It is Summer in Italy between June and August. If you are visiting Italy either in June, July or August, you need to pack certain essentials, ranging from dresses to accessories to protect yourself from the scorching heat. Let us have a look at some of the essentials that you should definitely pack for your trip to Italy in Summer.

Italian summer dresses

  • Italian Summer Dresses:

Maxi dresses, midi dresses, maxi skirts, etc are some of the dresses that you need to pack for a trip to Italy in Summer. Make sure that these dresses are lightweight, flowy and breezy. It will be better if these dresses are of either linen or cotton fabric.

  • A pair of sunglasses:

Summer is all about having extra and important accessories in your bags. Because you need to protect each and every part of your body from tanning and the heat of the sun. Therefore, to protect your eyes, you need to pack a pair of sunglasses in your bag. This is an essential accessory, if you are visiting Italy in Summer.

  • Comfortable Footwear:

Make sure that you are taking two to three pairs of footwear with you for your Italy Summer trip. You need different types of footwear for the airport, walking in the streets of Italy, visiting beaches and for hiking. So choose different pairs of footwear accordingly.

  • Hats and Sunscreen:

These two are the most essential items that you need most of the time. Hats and sunscreens protect your skin from harsh sun rays. These two are a must for your trip to Italy.

  • Backpack:

Backpack is also an essential accessory that you need for your summer trip in Italy. You can pack all your essential items in it and carry it wherever you go. It is the best, if you are going for a hike.

  • Jumpsuits/Dungarees and a shawl:

As already mentioned, if you are visiting a church in Italy, you need to follow the appropriate dress code to get an entry inside the church. If you are visiting a church in Italy in the Summer, it will be better to wear linen dungarees or Italian linen jumpsuits to feel cool and comfortable. These dresses must cover your shoulders. If you are wearing a dress that is revealing your shoulders or legs, make sure that you are covering them with a shawl or a warp.

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