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Everyone’s Talking About Facebook Messenger Rooms

There’s been much excitement about the reasonably new Facebook feature Messenger Rooms. (followers on facebook) It was launched when working from home or hybrid work was gaining popularity, and this brand new Facebook feature competes with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video-conferencing here

In this post, I’ll run through some frequently asked questions about the new feature and how you can utilize it to benefit your business.

What Is a Facebook Messenger Room?

Facebook Messenger Rooms can be described as a tool for a video that allows up to fifty participants to join in a single meeting without any time limit on the meeting time.

 Rooms for Facebook can be found on individual profiles, in groups, and on occasions. They are not accessible on Pages in a direct way, but an account can be set up to share (more on this in the future).

Because there’s no limitation on time, it is possible to keep your space accessible all day long, or you could make it available to brand events such as the sale of a promotion, event, launch of a product or even competitions.

Messenger Rooms works through Facebook as well as the Messenger website or app. However, it’s only available for Chrome and Edge Web browsers.

 If you refresh your feed on your home page on your Facebook account, you’ll see this option to create a Room.

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2. How Are Messenger Rooms 

The majority of us participate in chat groups on Messenger. It doesn’t matter if it’s an organized group or a hobby. It’s simple to add additional users to chat.


With Messenger Chat, you can also make a phone video or chat with other participants who are in chat. What’s the difference?

Rooms are virtual spaces where people who have the link can come in to chat with each other. Since the video is accessible, it’s not tied down as a group chat. In essence, this is what makes Facebook Rooms ideally positioned as an enterprise tool instead of a social network only for friends.

Another significant difference between Facebook Rooms as well as Group Chat is that you can email an email to anyone, even people who don’t have an existing Facebook account.

3. How Do You Create a Room?

Making a room is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook either on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Select Add Your Room, and you’ll be able to see this screen.
  • Edit the description and begin time. Facebook offers suggestions, but you’re free to pick your own. Be aware that when I was looking for a solution, I could not locate a time for the end of the day. It appears that you have to end each Room manually.
  • The Room can be named and select an emoticon, but there are only 20 characters, so you need to be imaginative.
  • When you click Create when you click create, you will be presented with this screen. This is where you can invite your friends to join or copy the link in the upper right to put it on your company page. The Room will become active after you’ve sent invitations or at the time you set it up to be.
  • Every person invited will be notified by Messenger in this manner. Of course, they’re not required to sign up for the Room and are free to not respond to the invitation.
  • After you’ve created your Room, you can be presented with this screen. Here you can alter your camera and your microphone and join the conversation. You can also add additional participants or copy the URL to use elsewhere. This screen lets you broadcast live.
  • The Room you have created will remain open to you on the profile until you decide to close the session. There you can also modify the Room’s details or add additional participants. If you’ve shared an URL to your company page to promote any event, promotion or event, ensure that you close the link too!

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4. Facebook Rooms Aren’t on Business Pages Yet, So How Can You Use It for Your Brand?

Similar to the steps mentioned previously, you can promote your Room on your company page by clicking a link. This new feature is already available in Facebook Workplace, its platform for companies to utilize internally.

But, since there is a maximum number of 50 people (including you), You will have to inform your supporters that the event is accessible only to those who are the initial 49 people.

You can also use the link to send mail, WhatsApp, or chat to your VIP clients or a specific group. You can also broadcast the Room on your site as soon as it’s life, should you choose to.

5. Who Will Love Facebook Messenger Rooms?

If you own a small-sized company or have one closely associated with you, Then Room is a perfect choice. This is because the number of users is only 50, and it’s much easier to add people to your circle of friends. Solo business owners often have clients on their list of friends.

Examples of this are:

  • Small-business owners, shops or even small-business owners
  • Nail technicians, massage therapists, nail technicians, hair stylists and beauticians
  • Gardeners, plumbers & electricians
  • Fashion designers & tailors
  • Instructors of dance, trainers for personal training or instructors

Small-sized businesses may also require video-conferencing but don’t want the price of Zoom or Teams subscriptions. This is ideal for staff, customer suppliers, or scheduling meetings with prospective customers.

6. How Can Large Businesses Use Facebook Messenger Rooms?

We are Contentworks Agency; we have 31,000 people who have joined our Facebook page. Our clients that we manage have more than 10K Facebook fans. All the followers on our pages are personal, but they are followers of the companies and interact directly with them.


This means that I wouldn’t be in a position to invite members to join a room through my Messenger. I wouldn’t also place the link on pages unless there was a contest(e.g. the first 49 users to enter the Room will receive an exclusive prize or a preview).


And lastly, and most importantly, all of our agencies and their clients are using Zoom or any other professional video conferencing software. We invite our Outlook contacts to join meetings and then send links to them.

But, there are ways for big companies to use Rooms if they wish to.

  • Host an exclusive, first chance to preview your brand new range or product
  • Invite your executives to an audio-visual conference and broadcast it lives on your website. (An benefit of broadcasting live is that anyone can join from all over the world.)
  • Share the link with selected groups, such as affiliates, country managers, or your chosen teams.
  • If you are planning a corporate get-together or an online gathering, This could appear more informal than Zoom.
  • Use Rooms to discuss your team’s FAQs when launching a new product or service.

Remember that Facebook Rooms are much better if you track the activity on your page or group. You can keep track of hashtags, conversations, and keyword replies throughout all channels and thus decide on meaningful ways to use Rooms.

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