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Everything About Trek Kedartal Trek



For adventure seekers, there is the Kedartal hike. It is for trekkers who have completed a significant number of Himalayan treks and are ready to challenge themselves. A very magnificent experience is offered in exchange for the challenging hike. 


  • Journey :- 

The journey ascends to the glacial Kedartal lake, which is surrounded by a tumult of formidable mountains. Famous mountains from our nation, including Mt. Thalaysagar, Mt. Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt. Jogin, and Mt. Gangotri, rise in front of you in this cauldron. You set up camp under the intimidating Mt. Thalaysagar and Mt. Bhrigupanth. Few hikes bring you this close to such massive mountains. And even fewer let you stay so close to them for such an extended period of time. Goecha La comes closest to what we can imagine, which is a significant claim. 


  • Expectations on trek :-

The trail is also very far away. At this elevation, there is no habitation by people. Additionally, there aren’t many trekking groups on this trail. When compared to many other regrettably crowded paths, this quiet is a blessing. But there are numerous obstacles on the trail. The walk begins at about 11,000 feet, then you ascend to nearly 16,000 feet. This ascent takes 3–4 days to complete. When you’re also attempting to catch your breath, climbing boulders and negotiating steep ascents and descents on difficult terrain become exponentially more difficult. Ample physical and mental preparation are required for this. On this journey, hard work and planning are adequately rewarded with beautiful bhoj trees, huge high-altitude meadows, and the tranquilly that can only be found at the Kedartal lake. After finishing the walk, you feel incredibly accomplished. Uttarakhand is the location of the Kedartal Trek.


At the pilgrimage centre of Gangotri, it starts and ends. It is a four-day, 50 kilometre trip over the Himalayas. Only experienced trekkers should attempt this challenging route. It is located in the Greater Himalayas and is renowned for its breath taking vistas of high mountain peaks, including Mt. Thalay Sagar, Mt. Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt. Jogin, and Mt. Gangotri.  It is one of the most beautiful high altitude lake in India. There are countless stunning views throughout the entire Kedar Tal area.


  • People’s belief about Kedartal :-

It is thought to be Lord Shiva’s gift to Bhagirathi, and it may be the source of Kedar Ganga. Kedar Tal Lake is produced when the Kedar Glacier melts, creating the Kedar Ganga River, a significant tributary of the Bhagirathi River. You’ll start to believe in magic because of the trek’s proximity to so many spectacular peaks and its breath taking views. The lake is a wonderful gem of Uttarakhand, with water that is a brilliant blue and as refreshing to drink as you’ll ever find. The trailhead of Gangotri, where the trail begins, as well as the sacred town thought to be the Ganges River’s origin, add to the appeal of this walk. During the yatra season, the area comes to life with marketplaces, temples, nightly aartis, and woodlands teeming with sadhus. After your walk, set aside a few days to explore this area.


  • Beauty of Kedartal :-

While traversing the picturesque Himalayan birch forests, the walk route is occasionally made dangerous by falling rocks, high altitude, and sections of hard elevation. It’s possible that your journey to Kedartal will change the course of your life. The voyage is exciting, challenging, and difficult in every way, but that is precisely what elevates it to a very high echelon. It’s incredibly engrossing and invigorating to watch it unfold.


The routes that slink into extremely secluded locations and lead you far into the bush, allowing for plenty of peace and tranquilly, are the most fascinating aspect of the walk. At Kedartal, brace yourself for the bizarre experience of feeling chilly, fresh breezes fight against your face and dance in your stomach as they come from among the snow-covered mountains. In addition, most experts agree that the Kedartal trip is fairly challenging and calls for ordinary physical levels to complete it. 

  • Notable information about trek :-

Due to the extreme weather that can occur here at any time as well as the varied terrain, it is therefore not advised for solo travel or adventures without an expert guide. The months of mid-May to mid-June as well as the middle of August, September, and October are the finest times to do this walk.

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