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Gojek Clone Script Robust App For Entrepreneurs in Cambodia

The Gojek Clone is a powerfully built mobile app that makes it easy for anyone, be it a 10-year-old kid or an elderly person, to get things deliver to their doorstep. Simple taps on the screen are enough to book a taxi, get the groceries, or hire a lawn mowing expert at home. YES! It is that easy to get professional services, of whatever kind, at the front doors.

We call this app robust because:

  • It is made with the latest technology stack.
  • The app has the most futuristic features.
  • It includes 82+ on-demand services under one hood.

Won’t all these benefits make this stellar app a king? Sure it will!

Made with Latest Technology

This all-in-one super app is a pure piece of art because the technology stack used is the world’s latest and the most reliable.

The Gojek Clone app is build with:

  • Web: HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Server technologies: PHP, Node.Js, Socket Cluster
  • Native iOS: Object-C, Swift
  • Native Android: Java, NDK, Kotlin
  • Database: MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB
  • Cloud: Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS

This latest technology stack is standard. However, the difference can be measure by the quality of the product that’s been delivered. In brief, you have to take the demo app trial before even thinking about purchasing the app and getting it white-labeled according to your business needs in Cambodia.

Has All the Advanced Features That an On-demand App Could Have

If you are thinking of launching a Super app like Gojek, then there is one thing you should be careful of – it should have all the latest features. We have sorted out the list of all the “essential advanced features” of the Gojek Clone app:

  • Video calling option with providers
  • On-demand service booking and scheduling
  • Wallet-to-wallet transactions
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • OTP verification
  • Covid-19 related features
  • Estimated fare calculation
  • Innovative login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning

All of these features are pre-integrate into the app. It is up to the entrepreneur to choose which features they want in their app. Thus, to ensure that the app integrates all the features that you want, get into a detailed discussion with the Project Manager. They’d be assigned to you once you decide to purchase the clone app script. They will note down every feature you ask for and convey the same to the development team.

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Offers 82+ On-demand Services in One App

The Gojek Clone app is known for its stunning assortment of 82+ on-demand services. Therefore, to make the application most useful for the customers and providers, the app offers such a wide variety of services. For better categorization, the application has grouped all the services into 7 major components like:

  • Online video consultation
  • Service bidding with local handymen
  • On-demand taxi booking service
  • Parcel delivery
  • On-demand store deliveries
  • On-demand services
  • Delivery genie and delivery runner

Entrepreneurs can get all the 82+ on-demand services integrated into the app or choose ones that their target audience wants. Moreover, they can incorporate ones that have never been launched by the competitors, just to get the upper hand in the market!

Well, the concluding question arises: Where to find the best clone app solution for your business in Cambodia? You can find the best Gojek Clone app script from a licensed and well-established white-labeling firm. Make sure that the firm has at least a decade-long experience in the industry!

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, purchasing a Gojek Clone Script is the best decision you can make. Entrepreneurs, hold your breath because launching this epic app of the century will make you rich, successful, and famous at the same time.

Get the app script for a globally-reputed firm and get started with the app development process!

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