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History of Jannat Al-Baqi and Its Significance in Islam

Jannat al-Baqi is the most sacred graveyard in Saudi Arabia and has deep importance in Islam. The word Baqi is an Arabic word that means “a small area of land that consists of a mixture of plants”. This word is surely derive from the word “Biqa” which is known as a massive region or place. In some instances, the word “Baqi” is referred to a place where large trees are contained and their remains are placed. The Jannat Al-Baqi is consider the most secret  place in Islam because a lot of Sahaba and its companions are bury there. The family members of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are also present in this graveyard. This is the main reason why this cemetery is consider quite significant in Islam.

Location and Size of Jannat Al-Baqi

Jannat Al-Baqi is situate in Madinah. This cemetery is located near Masjid Nabwi. The size of this area is about 175,000m2. The area situate between Masjid Al-Nabwi and Jannat Al-Baqi is called the Bayn Al-Haramayn. This place is a marketplace where people can purchase some necessities. In ancient times it was consider an old market but now the area has become advanced. The government of Saudi Arabia has made necessary changes to renovate the place and it is replaced with a plaza that has white marble engrave on its walls.

The Jannat Al-Baqi has three entrances according to its massive size of land. People can visit the cemetery through any gateway. One of the entrances is on the east and the other is located on the northern side. The main entrance door is on the western side of the graveyard and is somehow bigger than the others that are basically use for the burials.

History of Jannat Al-Baqi

Before the arrival of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to Madinah, this land was just a boundary that was surround by massive farmlands. When the Holy Prophet migrated to Madinah, He divided the area and kept some land for Masjid Al-Nabwi and the other part of the land was distribute to people so that they can build their houses and have a good life. A lot of houses were construct adjust to Jannat Al-Baqi and eventually. The houses were also convert into burial sites.  A lot of companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) wanted to be bury in Jannat al-Baqi which increase the need for more places in the cemetery.

Who Was Bury First in Jannat Al-Baqi?

Jannat Al-Baqi is consider the world’s biggest graveyard according to its huge size and because of the graves of a lot of companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) there. Even the family members of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are there including His wives, daughters, son, and grandsons as well. It was an order of Allah Almighty that the first person to be bury in the graveyard should be a Muslim. According to different quotes from ancient books, it has been conclude that one of the companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Ali Al-Samhudi was the first person to be bury in Jannat Al-Baqi. He belong to the Khazraj tribe in Madinah and died after nine months when the Holy Prophet arrived in Madinah. A lot of other companions were also bury in this cemetery as per the guidance sent by Allah to Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Significance of Jannat AL-Baqi

This graveyard is consider the most important in Islam. People from faraway destinations come to visit this cemetery and the graves of people who were quite close to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Specially pilgrims love to visit this place either they have visited Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Umrah or either they have reached there for Hajj. They pray Nawafil and visit different graves. Not only the Muslims, but the other non-Muslims as well come as a tourist to have a glance at different historical places situated in Makkah and Madinah. In different instances, it has been report that a lot of Christians were convert to Muslims after visiting these places and because of the relaxation that they felt in the atmosphere of Madinah.

How to Visit Jannat Al-Baqi?

Muslims can visit Jannat Al-Baqi when they select any Umrah package. A lot of travel agencies include the option for pilgrims to have ziarat of different places in Makkah and Madinah. In different 7 Nights Umrah Packages
, pilgrims can add paces to visit and avail the affordable process to have a relaxing and satisfying journey. A lot of travel agencies provide customizable cheap Umrah packages that can be alter according to the travelers and the services that they need along with Umrah execution. Different 3-star to 5-star services can also be add to packages.

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