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How Can I Limit or Disable Comments on a Linkedin Post?

I like to post updates approximately my employer on This comment absolutely does but humans respond with requests for help or customer service help. The boss hates it. Is there a manner to publish updates on LinkedIn or disable remarks?

You have quite a few manipulate over your LinkedIn posts, as you surmise. You can disable feedback, restrict feedback to individuals who are linked, and even limit who can see a put-up. Not most effective is that, however, you may delete feedback on a put-up you are making if you so desire.

However, it appears as if your organisation wishes for a higher channel for patron communications, simply to kingdom what is probably obvious.

If you have a clear and easily accessed customer support and help channel, the ones clients gained’t be including responses to your put up, they’ll be the usage of your assist tracking device. Something to recall, as a minimum.

In phrases of working inside LinkedIn, high-quality practices with all social media are commonly to go away remarks open to everyone who is so willing to reply, then moderate those responses. It’s due to the fact social media is actually all approximate engagement now not broadcast or reach.

Anyway, even with that in mind, there are a few instances when an examine-simplest post is appropriate for something cause. And yes, LinkedIn helps you to do it.

Dissecting a Linkedin Post

Let’s start with the fundamentals. You’ve written submission on LinkedIn and the feature included a photo, image, or some other photo to help with visibility. Perhaps it seems like this…

There are absolutely lots going on here well worth thinking about. First off, the “Anyone” straight away underneath my call is where I can trade the visibility of my publish, at the same time as the “Anyone” alongside the bottom is who can remark, the exact characteristic approximately that you’ve asked.

Immediately under the photograph are some advised hashtags which can help the publish gain visibility – in this example #business and #supplychain – and along the very bottom are a row of tiny grey icons. Left to proper, they add pictures, upload videos, upload a report, a proportion which you’re hiring, have fun an occasion, and post as ballot.

Indeed, for some of your posts, it would make experience to use the celebrate an occasion option as it’s shown otherwise to a regular LinkedIn put up!

Limit Linkedin Post Visibility

Limiting the visibility of a put up to a particular LinkedIn group or similar is straightforward. Click at the “Anyone” that’s right now under your very own name at the top of the publish block…

As long as you’ve been given it all installation, observe that you could select “Anyone + Twitter” and without difficulty share your post on the corresponding Twitter account too (mine, as you may see, is @DaveTaylor).

A clean manner to gain additional visibility. Want to move inside a different path and limit the post to just people with whom you’re linked? Choose “Connections only“. Make the alternate you need, then click “Save“.

Disable Comments on a Linkedin Post

This time, click on the word “Anyone” alongside the lowest row. This helps you to manage who can touch upon your put up if everybody:

Notice that you may percentage your post with everybody (e.G., visibility = everybody) but handiest permit your connections to definitely comment. It’s an exciting compromise worth exploring. Or, in case you insist, you could disable feedback. ???? Simply choose “No one” and no person could be capable of touching upon your submission.

Add a Few Hashtags

While we’re at it, why not upload a few encouraging hashtags? Easily achieved with a click on…

Hashtags paintings fine if they’re fairly specific, so a reachable trick is to return up an unmarried area so your cursor is on the ultimate letter of a hashtag.

Some social networks offer up an approximate frequency matter of hashtags. So you can tell in the event whether they’re popular or now not. However, This comment absolutely does provide that function. Instead, it’s as much as you to determine if, as an example, #supplychainmanagement is probably a better hashtag than just #supplychain.

How to Tell a Post Has Comments Disabled

Once you publish your LinkedIn update. In case you haven’t made any modifications to visibility or remark permissions. It’ll typically seem like this:

Notice on the third line there’s a demonstration “3m” that indicates the publish is 3 mins old. Adjacent to that may be a tiny globe icon; that means it’s globally seen. Near the lowest note that the Comment choice looks similar to Like and Share; If I had disabled comments, it’d appear like this.

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