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How Is Eco-friendly Pest Control in Mississauga Beneficial?

Pests are abundant in Mississauga that you can also find in your homes unless you take the preventive steps to avoid them. In addition, you can also contact professionals, such as Pesticon, for pest control in Mississauga when pests infest your property. Moreover, it is important that you choose a pest control service that deploys eco-friendly methods for pest control. Nonetheless, people may think of using a strong pesticide when they see pests on their properties. However, inhumane pest control can do more harm than any good. It is where eco-friendly comes into play its role. 

Before we tell you the benefits of eco-friendly pest control, we shall like to tell you about the use of harmful pesticides.

Problem with the Use of Strong Pesticides for Pest Control

Toxic pesticides contribute to a range of environmental and health problems. Moreover, problems with the use of strong pesticides have already been proven. Here are the environmental effects and health risks associated with the use of harmful pesticides:

Environmental Impact:

  • Pesticides stay in the environment for a few days or many years and disturb our balanced ecosystem.
  • Moreover, the use of pesticides has led to the dropping honeybee populations.
  • Pesticide use also kills other pollinators, embracing butterflies, and hummingbirds. 

Health Risks:

  • Exposure of humans to pesticides, even in small doses, is hazardous to human development, reproduction, and overall health.
  • Pesticide poisoning kills humans every year, which sum up to 22000 deaths in developing countries every year.   
  • Chronic pesticide exposure has been linked to chronic health issues. Those issues include birth defects, cancer, genetic changes, blood disorders, nerve disorders, plus short-term issues like headaches, dizziness, etc.
  • Even pets catch fever and suffer from vomiting to seizures and respiratory failures with exposure to pesticides.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Pest Control

Choosing the right pest control company is important when it comes to eco-friendly pest control in Mississauga. Moreover, it is also your best option to exterminate pests from your property. Eco-friendly pest control companies use products with biological controls, including scents, tastes, oils, and greener chemicals. There are multiple reasons to choose an eco-friendly pest control service in Mississauga. Here they are:

Long-Term Results:

Eco-friendly pest control techniques are as effective as conventional techniques. In addition, you get long-term results with eco-friendly pest control. Eco-friendly pest control also doesn’t allow insects to develop resistance to chemicals that they can pass on to their offspring. Besides, eco-friendly pest control lets you deal with the root of the pest problem. For the same reason, eco-friendly pest control doesn’t let people suffer the same issue again.  

Protects Landscaping:

You need to apply traditional pest control methods every month or after. Additionally, repeated spraying of chemicals is harmful to your health alongside the health of your landscaping. Toxic pest control products can cause grass, bushes, and other plants to shrivel and die. Moreover, the use of toxic chemicals can also make the regrowth of plants difficult when they remain buried in your soil.  

Doesn’t Harm Good Insects and Pets:

Certain insects help you on your property, whether you believe it or not. However, toxic chemicals can kill everyone in their path. Contrarily, eco-friendly pest control methods target specific insects; thus, they don’t kill every living organism. It is also important for your pets, like cats and dogs, to avoid ingesting harmful and potentially deadly chemicals. 

No Strong Scent:

Conventional pesticides linger in the air once you apply them. They have a strong scent that can leave you alongside your family sitting in a stinking home. Plus, it can lead you to inhale air mixed with toxic chemicals. On the other hand, eco-friendly methods do not release the harsh smells and also do not let chemicals spread in your home.     

Convenient and Humane:

Traditional pest control methods will require you to seal all your food, clear out the fridge, and leave your home overnight. Conversely, eco-friendly pest control methods are minimally toxic. Thus, you and your family don’t need to evacuate your home after the pest treatment. In other words, eco-friendly pest control won’t disturb your routine life, unlike traditional pest control methods.


Pests are present in a large number in Mississauga. By the same token, you can find pests in your home unless you take the right steps to evade them. Moreover, it is also important that you choose an eco-friendly pest control service for pest extermination from your home. Besides, the application of harmful pesticides impacts our environment and also carries many health risks. There are various benefits of eco-friendly pest control in Mississauga, which we have also mentioned below:

  1. Long-Term Results   
  2. Protects Landscaping
  3. Doesn’t Harm Good Insects and Pets
  4. No Strong Scent
  5. Convenient and Humane

Further, traditional pest control can do more harm than any good. Thus, it is important to choose an eco-friendly pest control service in Mississauga for pest eradication from homes.

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