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How to create highly clickable Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger Ads are one of the best ways to inform people about your brand, products, or services. (followers on facebook) Over 200 million companies use Facebook Messenger Ads to communicate with customers. Messenger users exchange over 20 billion messages each month. It’s a smart move to invest in Facebook Messenger Ads to convert customers. Let’s not forget to start at the beginning and get into optimizing and using it properly for best results.Click Here

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What are Facebook Messenger Ads?

People are encouraged to visit your landing page or website by clicking on ordinary Facebook ads. They can be expensive and won’t give you detailed information about your visitors. Facebook Messenger Ads, on the other hand are a paid way to promote your Facebook posts. This invites people to start a Facebook Messenger conversation to begin communicating with you, resulting in a series of engagement. Facebook Messenger ads use chatbots to help you manage it. These bots can start a conversation and guide your potential customers further down this funnel.

You should ensure that someone is there to help you when you start a conversation. These ads are intended to create genuine, organic conversations between customers. After you make initial contact with your customers, you can personalize and tailor your customer service to each individual user. You don’t want a chatty customer to ruin your brand’s reputation.

Why you should use it

Why should you spend your marketing budget on Facebook Messenger Ads instead of other channels? What are the main benefits and aspects of Facebook Messenger Ads?

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Rapid response time

Customer service is shifting towards messaging. If you don’t use a live chat service, your chances of losing many conversions are high. It is well-known that faster responses to potential leads will increase your chances of closing deals. According to Harvard Business Review, your chances of closing a deal with a potential lead decrease by 400% if you don’t respond within five minutes of them reaching out.

The standard response time in today’s world is shrinking. You need to respond quickly if you want success with qualifying leads and driving sales. It is not a good idea to wait for a reply for more than four days. That’s why messaging apps are now more popular than social networks.

Personalize your ads

You can send personalized messages directly to users you don’t know and they will be delivered straight to their inbox. However, you can’t target users not connected to your brand. This means you can only target people who have previously interacted with your ads. This is a good thing, as it can be very creepy. A personalized message is a better way to start conversions than a simple remarketing advertisement.Read more 

Local targeting is better

Facebook Messenger Ads are the best way to increase brand awareness in your local area. Facebook Messenger Ads now have a new feature called “Local Awareness” that allows you to create newsfeed ads that generate huge engagement. You can identify the local audience based on your business’ location and decide who will see your ads. With deal-based conversions, you can create offers that local customers can use. 

It’s easy to start conversations

You can’t ask users to convert immediately. Instead, you must have a conversation with them and get to know their interests and needs. It’s not a good idea to spend two weeks with a lead only to find out they aren’t interested in your brand or products. Facebook Messenger Ads will help you strike the perfect balance between real sales conversations and ads. Instead of asking prospects to purchase your product immediately, ask them to message you and have a conversation about it. Instead of expecting them to decide if they are a good match, let them know. This personalized experience cannot be provided by regular remarketing to get followers on facebook free

How to set up Facebook Messenger ads

This is an easy task that requires only a Facebook Business Manager account. To fully utilize the Messenger placement, you will need the “Messages” account. 

Select the “Messages” campaign objective from the “Consideration” section to use the Messenger Ad objective.

Next, select which messaging apps you want to enable. There are two options available:

Click to Message – allows you to send sponsored messages to new customers.

Sponsored messages allow you to reengage customers who have previously messaged you.

To create a Click to Message Ads,

  1. Select Click to Message from the Ad Type List.
  2. Select the apps that you would like to allow.
  3. Use visuals and write a headline. 

WhatsApp can be removed from the list if you have only a Messenger or Instagram Direct account. Facebook will automatically direct each user to the app where they are most likely to start conversations based on past app use.


However,you can select whether you want to invite people to chat with another Page or customize your call-to-action. You can choose to send people to chat with another Page or use the default CTA “Send Message”, but you can also write your own CTA options as you would for other campaigns.

To create a sponsored message ad:

  1. Select the message objective.
  2. Placement of “sponsored message” is possible
  3. You can create the Ad and get quick responses.

This type of ad can have an image included or skipped. The best practice is to use an image that will draw attention to your target audience. After you have written the copy, make sure to include quick responses. However, these prompts can also be clicked to allow users to continue communicating.

Facebook Messenger Ad Examples

Only 2% of website visitors convert within their first visit. There are many reasons why people don’t convert on their first visit. These include not being interested in a product or lack of research. Messenger ads can be used at the top to establish authority and build trust between your brand’s target audience.

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