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How to Drive an Electric Scooter Safely? A beginner Guide

The electric scooter is the most exciting invention of technology. Getting around the town by riding an electrically powered scooter is fun. As a beginner, riding an electric scooter might not be comfortable. But once you have mastered this type of ride, it will be as simple as any other conventional ride. 

There is an increase in demand for electric equipment day by day. Being cost-effective, people are replacing their fuel vehicles with electric transportation modes. Are you too looking to buy an electric scooter and want to ride it to fulfill your daily needs? This beginner guide will help you with how to drive an electric scooter safely. 

5 Tips to Drive Electric Scooter Safely

While driving an electric scooter, you need to focus on many things. Here are 5 tips for driving an electric scooter safely. 

Safety Equipment

No doubt riding an electric scooter is fun, but things can go wrong in seconds. As a beginner, riding a scooter without safety equipment can be risky. Therefore, safety should be the top priority while learning how to ride an electric scooter. A fast electric scooter can gain speed up to 15 mph. So, you should invest in an excellent protective helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. 

Learn to Balance Yourself

Balancing your weight is the most crucial part of riding an electric scooter. It is not a tough job as you can learn it in a few tries. For balancing yourself on the scooter:

  • Grip the handlebars tightly 
  •  Place your dominant foot first on the desk of the scooter.
  • Position your other foot on the desk in such a way that your body weight is balanced.
  • Drive the scooter at low speed at the start of your learning journey. 

Learn to Control

It is an essential part of the ride everyone should focus on. Before setting out on a ride, you should learn how an electric scooter works. Knowing throttle, breaks, and button functions can make your journey safe and easier. Not all scooters are the same. Some scooters come with sensitive controls, and others do not. Therefore, knowing about controls is necessary before riding an electric scooter. 

Practice Practice and Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. Riding a scooter is not something that you can master in a few tries. Before going on the traffic road, practicing your skills in the empty street is recommended. Once you are confident enough that you can balance and control the scooter perfectly, you can zip through traffic easily. 

Know the General Traffic Rules

Many people ignore this, but it is part of driving. Traffic rules vary from country to county and state to state. You need to know about traffic laws in your area. Getting knowledge about basic traffic rules will help you to avoid any kind of legal issues. 


An electric scooter has a top speed of under 30 mph. Its low speed helps to avoid any dangerous ride. But still, you need to take safety measures. Electric scooters don’t offer the same level of protection as cars. So, You need to learn defensive driving. This guide will help you with how to drive an electric scooter safely. 

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