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How to Get A Chinese Visa for U.K Passport Holders

When a foreigner requests entry into, exit from, or transit through a country, the government must provide them with a visa. And it should be in accordance with rules and be given by authorized bodies. Any sovereign state has the right, in accordance with international law and custom, to determine whether to permit foreigners. It includes whether to grant or deny a visa or whether to revoke a granted visa in accordance with its national laws. So, the holders of UK passports, who like to get China visa, need to know some basic information to clear the visa process. Read more to know more about the Chinese visa application process:

Chinese Visa Application

The London, Manchester, and Edinburgh visa centres are the only locations where UK citizens can apply for a China visa. For biometrics checkups, all candidates between the ages of 14 and 70 must make a visit to the embassy. Your passport and the reason for your visit will determine the sort of visa the Chinese embassy will issue. In addition to visas for tourists and business travellers, China also offers job and student visas. In order to enter the Chinese mainland as a citizen of the UK, you must have a visa. If you do not have one, then your access will be denied at passport control.

For children under the age of 18

Section 05 of the visa application form must be filled out and signed by a parent if the applicant is under the age of 18. The applicant must additionally submit the documents like a copy and original of the long birth certificate. Both parent’s original passports must be submitted, along with a copy of their information page. You must present the child’s birth certificate if you are travelling with your family and a child who is younger than six.

Classification of Visas

A Chinese visa is compulsory if you intend to stay in China for longer than 15 days. For UK citizens, there are various types of Chinese visas available, and each category will have a letter of identity. For instance, the L-visa indicates a traveller visiting China as either an independent tourist or a participant in a tour group. China has seventeen of these categories of visas for U.K citizens. Among that, L-visa for tourists and the business visa (M-visa) are the two most frequently issued ones. Also to be highlighted is that email-based visa applications for China will not be accepted. You can apply for a china visa application online. You can also apply for a visa by submitting a letter via post to the Chinese embassy. However, there will be an additional fee for the post.

The required documents

You have to submit a few documents to the Chinese embassy to fill out the visa application form and to get your visa.


The most important document that is required is the passport. That has to be updated with a minimum of 6 months before renewal or valid until you enter China. It is necessary that you have at least two extra pages that are unfilled before entering China.

Documents Copy:

It is mandatory that you provide a copy of your visa if you have visited China earlier, along with a copy of your passport. 


It becomes necessary that you have a clear passport-size photo that is at least six months old so that it will be accepted by the Chinese embassy. A plain background is necessary for the photo. You can get more details from the embassy to know about the details of the passport photo.

The procedure of application:

This is the basic step that has to be done for further proceedings in your application process. It must be fully typed and fully electronic with an accurate signature and date.

Declaration from the procedure:

Signing the declaration form provided by the embassy with a black pen is very important. It should not be done electronically as the embassy doesn’t consider the signature to be authentic.

Fingerprint collection:

On the appointment date, people between the ages of 14 – 70 have to visit the visa centres and provide them with fingerprints. The Chinese embassy has made it compulsory to collect fingerprints of all persons who are willing to get visas to china.

Working in China

If you have a Z visa, you can work in China. Business and tourist visas are not allowed to do so. You should also hold a valid work limit. The local police will regularly carry out the checkings. Violation of any Chinese laws can result in fines and penalties, including imprisonment and deportation. So, follow all the rules and regulations of the Chinese immigration laws to avoid any negative consequences.

Bottom Line

Now, you may be clear with some basics of the china visa application online uk. Following each and every step is a must, and if there is any violation of the rules, your application will not be processed. Be cool and careful while filling out the application.

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