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How to Post Video on Tiktok at Best Time for More Views?

There isn’t any doubt that a version of TikTok views is one of the maximum well-known and viral brief-video-making structures with over 850 million energetic customers international. Many artists are making a hefty quantity of earnings by growing viral content material on this platform.

But what’s the secret behind the advent of viral content? Is it only the creativity aspect, or does the posting time also count the number? The solution is easy.

Indeed, Creativity is the maximum vast aspect at the back of viral content. But the best timing of posting is likewise vital to make you publish discoverable around the globe.

To enhance your engagement price and followers rely on, you need to create a viral content material advertising strategy by means of optimizing your posting time. So, what’s the fine time to submit on Tiktok to get more views and fans? Let’s learn the entirety here.

Is There a Best Time to Post on Tiktok, and Why Does It Matter?

Yes, there is a high-quality time to submit on Tiktok for each influencer/writer and here is why it remember: Tiktok indicates a mix of content material to its Global target market below its “For You” segment depending upon the user’s past video interactions, hobbies and different standards.

The motion pictures that seem beneath this segment can be from both small and big money owed with a terrific engagement charge in phrases of likes, remarks and shares.

So, to make your video seem underneath this segment and greater discoverable by using a Global target audience, you want to engage properly with the aid of posting at the right time.

Not simplest is posting at the right time important however the frequency of posting topics in making your video viral or more discoverable. According to TikTok, posting 1-4 times per day is right, but you need to set the frequency relying on your target audience’s timezone and interest.

To find the right time and frequency, you want to keep an eye fixed on your overall performance and your followers’ hobbies.

When Is The Best Time To Post On TikTok?

To be sincere, there’s a nobody-time-fits-all method that works on TikTok due to its various and full-size target audience set. Every author has a completely unique target audience coming from extraordinary time zones and demographics.

So, there may be no person-specific time that can work for all audiences. But, to find a great time to publish on Tiktok in step with your audience, you could start posting at common first-class instances located in diverse research.

According to diverse researches and research, the common high-quality times to post on Tiktok are:

Morning – 6 AM to 10 AM (Monday to Wednesday) Evening – 7 PM to 11 PM (Thursday to Sunday) The above-cited instances are in PST. But again, for extraordinary international locations, distinct instances paint best.

For instance, five AM works exceptional in Los Angeles, whilst in Sydney, it is 10 PM, and in London, it is 1 PM. However, those are just common times. For every author, there is a completely unique time sample that works best and that you need to locate via frequently posting content material between these spots.

Two Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself To Find The Best Time To Post Videos On TikTok:

To locate what time is working high-quality for your target market, you want to maintain the two maximum vital factors for your thoughts. You can use your Tiktok analytics to look into those vital elements.


For distinct analytics, you have to switch in your TikTok Pro account. Analyze your past posts’ engagement and analytics to get solutions to those two important questions:


As Tiktok serves a Global audience, it is crucial to pick out your centred and potential audience. Depending upon their location, you could find out the maximum lively timezone of your target audience and submit content at that time.

To locate the place of your target market, head to the “Followers” tab and then scroll down to the “Top Territories” phase.

Why do these numbers count number?

The analytics will display you the proportion of your target market belonging to a particular area or u. S . A. This per cent or quantity subjects due to the fact this gives you an estimate of in which your maximum lively target market is living and what form of content you need to generate and post on the proper time for them.

How can these records assist you to estimate the best time to put up content material on TikTok?
The user can find out the most active time of a selected target market residing in that area based on the region.

Once the consumer finds the active time zones of a specific target audience, they can post content material at that point to get high engagement.


Followers pastime is a critical metric that offers you an estimate of whether your target audience is maximum lively or conscious in a given area. To locate this, head to the “Followers” tab and then to the “Followers activity”. Under this section, you may witness the energetic hours of your followers to strategize your posting time.

What Are The Ways To Find The Best Time To Post On TikTok?

As we already advised you, there may be no one unique time slot that works for an influencer or writer. Even on special days or perhaps weeks, specific time slots perform better. So, based totally on your studies and analytics, you could choose multiple time slots to timetable your couple of TikTok motion pictures for days and even weeks.

There is equipment like SocialPilot, which you can utilize to schedule your motion pictures at different times for weeks and days in advance. Based on your pleasant time slots inside the content calendar, you can agenda your different motion pictures to find the pleasant time to make your content material more discoverable.

To connect your TikTok account to the Social Pilot, you may comply with these steps:

  • Register on SocialPilot and login into your account with credentials.
  • Now head to the “Accounts” phase after which to the “Connect Account” to connect your TikTok account.
  • To create a put-up to your TikTok account, click on “Post’ -> ‘Create Post”. Click on the Video icon to add the video or use the camera icon to shoot one.
  • Now pick out your TikTok account and head to the “Add to the Queue” button to agenda your posts.
  • When your submission gets published in line with the schedule, you’ll receive the push notification on your SocialPilot account as reminders.

Here are a few essential steps you may comply with to find the best time to put up on TikTok using your account’s analytics:


To get completely get right of entry to your account’s analytics, you should first shift to the TikTok Pro account. For that, observe these steps:

  • Open your Profile web page and inside the higher proper nook, click on the 3 dots.
  • Head to the “Manage My Account” segment and click on the “Switch to the Pro” account.
  • Now choose the category at your comfort and click on done. Once your account gets switched to Pro, you will see the “Analytics” choice beneath the settings menu.


Now, you can discover which your audience is placed underneath the “top territories” segment. This section will seem underneath your “Followers Tab”. There you may see the share of audiences belonging to a specific territory. Based on your top territories’ audiences, you can plan your content material strategy.


Once you get your most lively target audience underneath the pinnacle territories phase, now you could check while your fans are most active. It is a vital metric to plan your posting time. To find that, head to the “Followers pastime” tab under the “Followers” tab and notice the maximum lively hours and days in step with your audience.

The time facts you may get below this segment could be in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You need to convert it in line with your audiences’ time zones the usage of any time converter tool.


Another issue you need to don’t forget to make your content material maximum discoverable is to look at your high-appearing content on the platform. For that, head to the “Content” tab beneath the “Analytics” section. Here you could see the high-appearing content inside the past seven days.

Here, you may additionally find the “Trending Videos” segment for your past seven days’ films. In this phase, you could analyze which of your movies are becoming extra likes, stocks, comments, total views, traffic supply and average watch time.

Based on these statistics, you can examine which period plays higher for which sort of video and as a result can agenda your comparable motion pictures between that time slot.


As TikTok indicates the best past seven days facts, you may create a spreadsheet to keep the music of all of your excessive-acting movies for 28 days or extra. In this spreadsheet, you could create one-of-a-kind crucial sections to track your overall performance, like:

  • Time and Date of Posting
  • Engagement Rate (Likes, Comments, Shares)
  • Total Video Reach (Video Views, Watchtime, Number of Plays)
  • Audience Territories
  • Major Traffic Source
  • Category of Video

These records will assist you to examine your excessive-acting content material in a higher manner to discern what is the best time to post on TikTok for what kind of videos on your target audience.

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