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iPhone Apps Keep Crashing? Fix it with a Cell Phone Repair Store

iPhone users or Android users must be very well aware of Apps Crashing. If you have an app on your iPhone that keeps crashing for no reason, this guide will help you by providing the tools to get it up and running smoothly. 

How to fix App Crashes? Guide by Cell Phone Repair Store in Sacramento

Not all of us are from the tech world, and many think that the programmers or people who belong to the tech world have perfectly working smartphones and their apps don’t crash, but that’s not true. Whether you are in the IT business or a regular user, each one of us faces issues like app crashing because we might be different from each other, but our smartphones are not. They work almost similarly, and everyone can experience the app crash. When any app freezes, people get frustrated because they cannot fix the app crash issue and are unaware of why it freezes. However, the team of a cell phone repair store in Sacramento, such as Hot Tech Repair, offered some tips and tricks after working in the software business for longer. They have given the most common and easiest hacks to resolve the issue of app crash on your smartphone. These hacks are for everyone using iPhone or Android. 

Try to Kill the App Manually

If any app on your iPhone is not working or interacting with you on your screen, the most usual thing people should do is restart it. Turning the app on and off several times is the best thing you can do if it crashes. It can be on a mobile phone or a computer. 

The catch is that stopping apps differs on different mobile phones and is not as easy as it sounds. App restarting will be different on iPhones and android. If you have a Samsung or LG mobile phone, you must open the multitasking window by clicking the three buttons at the bottom of your device. The left and right buttons help you either return to the previous screen or cancel the process, and the home button helps you return to the initial screen. A square-shaped button helps us to see the list of all the apps running in the background that you opened, and you can manually close all the unwanted apps running in the background. It is almost the same in the iPhone and iPads. On iPhone, you swipe up from down and slide all the apps you want to close. If that were the cause, the issue would be resolved. 

Restart your iPhone

If you have tried the method mentioned above and still facing the issue, phone repair stores suggest that it might be possible that some process is running in the background of the app that is crashing. To fix this issue, restarting the phone is the better option. There are two ways through which you can restart. Either reboot your phone or force restart the phone but restarting it forcefully is not really advisable by the apple phone repair in Sacramento. You can only do it if it is very important. You could lose important data if you reset your phone hard. 

App Crash Fixer

Sometimes the problem does not exist in your phone but in the app itself. Apps also have many errors and bugs that cause the problem and bring the Apps down. If the app problem is general and happens to many people, the app creators realize the problem instantly and fix it or send an update that can get the problem fixed. To ensure the update has come or not, go to the apple store and check the app update. If it is available, update your app immediately to stop it from crashing. 

Contact Official Support

If you have tried and tested all the ways mentioned above and it is still not solving your problem, go to the app’s official website and consult the expert technicians or app developers. You’ll know if someone else is facing the same problem. 

Count on Cell Phone Repair Store in Sacramento

After trying all the solutions to your problem, if it is still not understandable to you and the apps are still crashing, there might be a problem with your iPhone or android. You need to get your device checked by experts. If you live in Sacramento, CA, it’s better for you to visit the cell phone repair store there. They will have answers to all your problems. Their professionals will ensure how to deal with the problem you are facing with the right tools and equipment. They have expertise in the business. The problem will be diagnosed first, and if there is any problem with your device, they will give you personalized solutions. 

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