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6 Ways to Make Your Remote Workspace More Productive 

Working remotely is the future of what jobs will look like in the coming years. In fact, it has already started! As more and more people nowadays opt for remote work.

The comfort that working from your own home brings is just incomparable. You rid yourself of various stresses and it just feels more comfortable and flexible, being able to work in your own space from anywhere in the world. These workspaces can either be set up in your own home or in a studio, depending upon the kind of environment you’re most comfortable in. Whether you’re a first-time customer, switching over from another provider, or an existing customer upgrading your current plan or bundle, 866 Spectrum customer support has all the information you will need.

If you are one of those working from home, below are ways to enhance your workspace for better productivity.

Good Lighting

Sufficient lighting is not only necessary to take pictures but also to change the entire atmosphere of a place. Dull lighting tends to shift your moods to unproductive and boring, hence it is necessary you pay special attention to ample lighting. Having a brightly lit workspace motivates you to do better and keeps you active and focused instead of sleepy.

Moreover, if the lighting of your workspace is dull and improper, you are most likely to develop headaches, eye strain, health issues, and fatigue. Improper lighting puts a lot of pressure on your eyes and consequently leads to tardiness. Hence one of the first steps to a more productive workspace is natural light so that you can be active throughout your work time.

Keep it Clutter-Free

Distraction is one thing that keeps you from doing your work and finishing it on time. One of the biggest factors that cause distractions is the unnecessary and extra stuff lying around your workspace. Not only does this clutter distract you, but it takes up valuable space from your desk which you can utilize to place important items. Organizing your files and documents can give you peace of mind and can help you stay focused on your work. Moreover, this way you don’t have to go looking around the entire place for your work documents if you require them urgently.

You can mark your files and other items into categories and organize them in drawers to help you locate them faster and without causing havoc around your entire workspace. Decluttering can help make space for more devices and help you be more productive consequently.


It is essential that the chair, table, and any other furniture you use are comfortable. Ergonomic equipment helps fix your posture, ridding you of possible backaches and other health issues and hence making you more productive with better physical health. You can adjust the height of your table and chair according to your level of comfort, and by keeping the monitor parallel to your eyes so that it reduces strain on your neck and back. Even excessive keyboard usage can cause injuries; hence it is important to look for mechanical keyboards which can be adjusted accordingly.

Tidy Background

Tidying up your background makes your space seem more professional and disciplined. While attending online meetings through video calls it is necessary that the background is neat and presentable so that it gives a nice and professional impression. You can clear up any piles of unnecessary items and replace them with paintings or book racks or anything that soothes you and looks professionally aesthetic.

Notice Board and Sticky Notes

Installing a small noticeboard can add an extra professional touch to your workspace. You can either install a noticeboard or a whiteboard and keep adding important office notes to it. Using sticky notes as reminders helps you remember your important tasks and is a fun way to keep your work schedule in check. These boards can help maintain your weekly schedules and task lists and can hence increase productivity. Apart from being able to manage time with everything displayed on the board, you can even doodle in your free time.

Add Plants

Greenery can highly improve your mood and productivity and can give you the feel of a professional work environment. You can add a plant pot to your desk for a breath of fresh air and make your desk more aesthetic and greener. Plants tend to reduce stress and act as natural air filters apart from adding color to your workspace. It is important to keep in mind that sunlight and water are regularly required by plants, so you might want to either take the responsibility or keep plants like cacti that require less care.


As comforting as the thought of working from home is, it is necessary to think about making the most of your remote job. It is easy to get lazy or distracted at home, hence certain few steps are necessary to stay focused, productive, and motivated.

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