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Mix and Match Your Favorite Hats the Way, You Like Them!

The reason for wearing a hat may have changed for everyone, but the fact remains that it is an essential accessory that deserves careful handling and lots of attention. The latter part will not be your concern if you buy them from the right place. However, as far as the handling side of the story goes, you have to make the most of the style you own. So, let’s go through the popular options in hats and ways to wear them.

Fedora hats

However, A fedora hat can be a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. It’s a versatile piece of headwear that can effort Lesly dress you up or down, depending on the occasion. Whether you plan to have a classic touch, a casual vibe, or fun energy, this truly men’s accessory is there to serve your needs. It is a hat that can make you look and feel your best. How do you tap into its versatility? Here is the trick:

  • For a casual look, pair one with jeans and a T-shirt or shirt. Add a leather jacket or blazer for a touch of edge.
  • For a formal outfit, team it with a suit or trousers and a shirt. This look can be suitable for a wedding or a day at the races.
  • Throw it on with shorts and a linen shirt for a stylish summer appearance. Add a pair of sunglasses to elevate your cool quotient.

Cowboy hats

However, This integral Western fashion accessory has been the go-to choice for cowboys and cowgirls for centuries. Even today, many men in the United States enjoy wearing them. If you want to indulge in some true cowboy feeling, you cannot ignore its ability to impart a touch of Western flair to your outfit. Whether you opt for it in felt or straw, the hat’s shape and design speak for you and your confidence.

  • For a rodeo star-like look, dress in your black-colored round neck t-shirt and denim jeans with a simple belt.
  • Pull that full-sleeve blue shirt and blue jeans out of the closet to pair it with your white cowboy hat for a crisp and intelligent style. Make sure you don’t choose the same shade of blue for the top and the bottom.
  • For a self-assured cowboy look, get your hand on a full-sleeve button-down embroidered shirt with a distinctive retro charm and pair it with the matching jeans and hat. You can add a chunky belt also.
  • For a sophisticated impression, wear your white shirt under a nice western sports coat over the jeans. The hat can be the color of your blazer.
  • For the 18th-century cowboy look, pick your white shirt, jeans, and a waistcoat with a bowtie. The hat, necktie, and boots’ color can be the same.

Top hats

These mens hats are for special occasions. Whether made of leather, straw, or mesh, you can find them decorated with a band or ribbon. However, it doesn’t mean you will not get unbranded options. No matter what draws your attention, some believe that these are best for morning or evening dresses. There is also a notion that this hat represents wealth and power, something that its history reveals. Anyway, modern fashion has taken a more liberal approach with it. You can sport this hat look on different occasions to exhibit your bold and strong personality.

  • For a taste of steampunk fashion, wear your double-breasted suit with a long tail, a white shirt, and a vintage-style necktie. You can match it with your leather top hat and accessorize it properly to bask in the true feeling of being a steampunk guy.
  • For a unique dance look with your partner, you can put on the steampunk-style cool blazer with chunky buttons, a white shirt, and a striped necktie on your formal trousers. Let the white cuffs peek from the blazer and play with the white color more by adding a white belt. Round off this great style with your black top hat.

Boater hats

Although they are not as visible as they once were, boater hats still find preference among those who appreciate their classic style. Usually made of straw or felt, these hats are recognizable by their flat brim and round crown.These summertime staples for gentlemen today enjoy a status of a fashion statement. Some also choose them for costume purposes.No matter what, these are practical and stylish headwear for the warm summer days. Hence, fashion-conscious folks have an excellent opportunity to add a unique style to their summer wardrobes.

  • For a traditional summer charm, get into your summer suit or blazer with matching pants and jacket and round it up with your straw hat.
  • For a strictly formal look, match the hat with your tuxedo. It would be better if your hat had a grosgrain ribbon or hatband.

Embracing any hat style is all about confidence and attitude. When you wear one with the right intention, you never face disappointment or defeat with your fashion goal. So, don’t limit your choices when you can have an entire universe of hats to yourself. And it can be one of the best times to display your love for this accessory. After all, almost every variety has a moment – some may be doing slightly better than others. But that should not bother you. Get going!

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