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7 Modification To Increase Fuel Economy You Need

When the fuel prices go high, you might think that it’s high time to take the bus and leave your personal car at the garage. But it’s not the solution, right?

It’s understandable that an economically moderate man goes out of his senses after fuel hikes and many thoughts and ideas rustle and round in his head. 

As per the reports of the American Automobile Association, the average price is $2.52 per gallon, whereas Texas and South Carolina residents pay the cheapest gas prices of $2.28 per gallon.

At the same time, Hawaii pays the highest at $3.50 per gallon

Luckily, after all the rise in fuel prices, there are some ways you can go with to balance the fuel economy. And, out of all, you can convert your gas vehicles to EVs. 

Evs is creating waves among people because of their reliability and eco-friendly nature. To read reviews and details about Evs, you can visit Chickeen’s Machines

So, there are few changes that can impose a significant effect on fuel consumption. But, you must clearly know how much effect those changes will make. 

Make Your Vehicle Aerodynamic

The first and foremost mod to increase fuel economy is to make your vehicle aerodynamic as much as possible. Generally, it includes making simple changes such as eliminating bike racks and mud flaps while using grille blocks and truck bed covers.  

However, if you really want to pull the aerodynamic game and take it to extremes, take out the antenna, door handles, windshield wipers, and badges. 

One can also remove the front license plate and side mirrors to boost the aerodynamic efficiency, but this is illegal. 

You probably find it less functional, but it’s a philosophy that tiny drops of water make an ocean when combined. 

Think About Oil Swapping 

Engine oils grease and lubricate an engine’s internal parts and help it run swiftly. Every lubricant manufacturing company determines the density and weightage of oils based on their standards. So, swapping lubricants can help you save your hard-earned cash at the pump. 

Many people go for conventional oil to lubricate their vehicles but opting out of synthetic oil would be effective as it greases the components that need it the most. 

You might think it would not make any difference as the synthetic oil is pretty expensive but believe us, the swap is worth it. Synthetic oil doesn’t break down that easily, and when it heats up, less energy is used. 

Upgrading the Exhaust System

Everyone is familiar with the fact that the exhaust system limits the car’s performance. And that’s why many people replace the stock exhaust system with an upgraded kit. Whether you replace a cat-back system, just straight pipes, or a complete system, car fanatics change the limiting options and go for something better and more reliable. 

Well, it’s a great idea to unleash more power from your engine, but you should know that it won’t be going to improve gas mileage. If you are looking for an extra speed, it’s worth it but be ready to spend extra cash at the pump as you will notice the drop in the mileage after upgrading the exhaust stock kit. 

Keep an Eye on Maintenance

The best and the cheapest way to increase the fuel economy is to maintain your vehicle timely. Timely servicing and maintenance help you to consume the fuel properly. If you haven’t touched your car for maintenance for the past few days, starting with spark plugs and checking out the engine would be a great idea.

Everyday maintenance plays a huge part in the performance of your vehicle. For instance, the air filter has been blocked because of dust or anything, and now, the engine has to function harder to suck air through the filter. The same thing can happen to other internal components, resulting in the low performance of your car. So, make sure your vehicle is maintained and upgraded properly and timely. 

Using Magnets Will Be Helpful

Fuel magnets are helpful. They increase the efficiency and performance of your vehicle by breaking down the fuel molecule into smaller yet more combustible fragments. You just have to put the magnets around the fuel line, and it’s done. You will observe a 24% improvement in MPG

These magnets also eliminate carbon and save wear and tear on the engine. An interesting fact is that you can save a hefty amount of cash buying this because these are available at $7.99

Water Injection

Water injection imposes significant effects on the performance of your engine. If the engine knocks due to preignition- a condition in which the engine starts igniting prematurely, a water injection kit cools down the thing and reduces ignition. 

But, let us tell you what the water injection kit is incapable of. 

It won’t affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and engine performance even though drag racers use it, but it won’t help you out in anything except the mentioned one. 

Reconsider Your Tire Choices 

The US department of energy stated that up to 11% of the fuel is consumed because of combat rolling resistance which means the loss of energy from drag and friction of tires rolling over a surface. 

You might already be able to improve the MPG with your current set of tires, but by inflating the tires according to the recommended level by DoB, the fuel economy can be improved by 3%. 

These are the things you should consider while choosing tires:

  • Your preferable brand, size, and prices of tires.
  • Find the lowest rolling resistance tires.
  • Make sure the tire grip is strong.

Last but Not the Least 

Testing all of these mods or changes will help you get more miles out of your fuel tank. Or, if you want to drastically change your fuel consumption because you get sick and tired of the price hikes, you can convert your gas vehicle to a completely electric one. 

Chicken’s Machines is the best platform to learn about cars, auto parts, and their modifications. So, upgrade your car, save money and drive safe and eco-friendly vehicles.

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