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Patorjk: Must Try it’s Fun Game “Scrolling Text Time Waster”

Boredom is a common side effect of a routine. Do you have any plans for your free time? Particular pastimes aren’t suitable for everyone. A younger audience may find this interesting. New and exciting activities may be found online by many individuals. Although some of them are more beneficial, you may be motivated to do new exercises or have a wonderful time regardless of this. A scrolling HTML Time Waster will be the center of this article.

Patorjk is a website that allows visitors to make money while having fun. The scrolling time-waster created by Patorjk is one of numerous surfacing on the Internet recently. As you scroll down the screen of a website, the text’s colors and the text types change.

If you scroll down the page, you can see a space at the bottom. After that, press Enter one more to finalize your selection! Again! Tab! Altering the typeface, the color of the backdrop, the size of the font, and several other aspects of the presentation of your text are all under your control. Internet junkies are going to get a kick out of this.

More about Patorjk

Patorjk offers a large selection of games, such as Snake and Slider, among many more. In addition, there are 179 different methods to get on the nerves of another person. ‘The Arial ASCII Art package comes with a time-wasting scrolling text feature.

Examples of these calculators are the Game of Thrones Character Appearance Calculator, the Space Dust Calculator, and the Computer Science Salaries Calculator. The scrolling option that says “I love you too” is one of the functions utilized most often. The following applications may be found on the official website of Patorjk. Observation over a more extended period of the YouTube Social Media Showdown.

The text will be input into the ASCII art generator. Text and color faders in a vintage design for use with the Typing Speed Test. A Keyboard Layout Analyzer, For example, is the Gradient Image Generator.

Customers of web-based platforms such as Patorjk can have fun and generate money simultaneously, thanks to these platforms. The “Scrolling Time Waster Webpage” created by Patorjk illustrates this phenomenon well. As you scroll down, you will notice that the color and form of some elements subtly shift.

At the bottom of the reviewing page, there ought to be a spot for you to comment or reach a conclusion about the item. When entering anything you want in the text area, click the “Again!” button. This is the manner that has happened in the past. Tab! The text you write will move across the screen, changing in terms of size, color, and arrangement as it goes. People who wish to have fun on the Internet should participate in this new trend recently gaining popularity.

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Is this a legit platform?

There were inconsistencies discovered in the research area. The first time I thought of creating Patorjk’s domain crossed my thoughts was on January 26, 1999. has now been the proprietor of the domain name for a cumulative period of 23 years and 66 days.

If you have a lot of confidence in someone, then that person’s level of credibility will be precisely proportionate to the amount of faith you have in them. It believes that he should get a score of 62.6 out of 100 points if the maximum possible score is 100.

Many kinds of social networking sites are represented in the user profiles available on Virtual Entertainment. Even though the website is reliable and has a sizable user base, you are more than free to examine the website’s complexities and engage in a wide range of unusual activities.


Users of Patorjk have access to a broad range of games, some of which are 179 Ways to Annoy People and Arial ASCII Art, amongst others. There is a wide selection of games to choose from, some of which are Snake, Slider, and Puzzles. Scrolling over text is becoming the most common practice, even though it is a time-waster.

A Game of Thrones Character Appearance and Salary in Computer Science example may also be found here, in addition to a Space Dust Nutrition Calculator. Many of the consumers taking part in this promotion are using the scrolling phrase “I Love You Too” in their messages to one another.

Text Color Fader, Years Spent on YouTube, Virtual Entertainment Showdown, and Text to ASCII Art Generator for Composing Speed Tests are just a few examples of programs that are compatible with Patorjk and may be used together effectively. Patorjk is also compatible with several other programs, which brings the total number of such programs to quite a few.


The moniker “Patorjk” refers to a website that has been operational for about twenty years. This group can provide you with a diverse selection of games, programs, and visualisations from which to choose and choose. Throughout its existence, Patorjk has been the recipient of many laudatory remarks and evaluations on the part of satisfied clients.

The Scrolling Text Time Waster found on is one of these unusual things to do that a lot of people actually like doing. Scrolling Text Time Waster is very easy to use. Users have access to a diverse selection of games and apps on Patorjk, an online platform that has been operational since 1995. Many individuals have used it, all of whom have nothing but laudatory comments and testimonies to give about it. For instance, many people kill time by scrolling through text on the website, which is renowned as a time-wasting hobby.

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