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How Do You Prepare For Your First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney?

The first meeting with a divorce attorney in Massachusetts is crucial. You are paying not only with money but with time as well. You want to make sure that you are prepared enough to maximize the first meeting as much as possible. That being said, you should not feel too overwhelmed. For instance, if you cannot gather all the documents, do not let that keep you from going to the meeting. 

Being up front with a stranger about your marriage and personal problems can seem intimidating. However, a good divorce lawyer Newton, MA has handled various cases in the past and understands what you are going through. Staying true to the facts will make the meeting efficient and productive. Read this blog to learn a few more tips. 

Tips on preparing your first meeting with a divorce attorney.

  • List your assets and property.

Start by making a list of all the assets you obtained before the marriage, including real estate, vehicle, jewelry, and other personal properties. Divorce does not restore the life you had before your marriage. 

However, the finances and assets that you currently owe play an important role in determining the asset division. Your attorney may also ask you about your and your spouse’s income and all the assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage.

  • Prepare all relevant legal documents.

You can write down and make a list of all relevant documents that your lawyer will need. Mention every information related to your marriage, including the child’s custody. 

Mention your and your spouse’s full name, residential address, contact number, occupation, annual income, etc., and your child’s full name and date of birth. If there are any ongoing or previous legal actions between you and your spouse, do not forget to mention them.

  • Create a budget.

Create a budget plan by making a list of your annual expenses. In some divorce cases, income and support can not be decided on the basis of stated income where the spouses are self-employed. 

In this case, the spouses’ true income is ascertained through various sources other than tax returns. Your family’s expenditure history may also be looked at to find out income for the determination of support.

  • Identify your primary and secondary goals.

Determining your goals for the divorce can be extremely helpful for your divorce lawyer. You can mention your priorities as your divorce procedure progresses. 

One of the most important issues for people to resolve is what to do with the marital home. However, for others, the child’s custody is the priority. 

Having a complete view of what you want to achieve through your divorce can be helpful for your lawyer. They can help you provide a realistic evaluation of your goals and chances of success for each of the spouses.

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