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Puralean Reviews: Is It the Best Option For A Weight Loss?

Weight gain is the most common health issue people from all around the globe face. The worst part is that it happens quite slowly, making it difficult to term it as a threat. However, gradually weight increases and, many problems are introduced. PuraLean has recently sparked great interest among people from its outstanding claims.

It claims that you can lose weight easily using a natural supplement. Weight loss supplements have been a thing for a long time now. However, most of those are fake and do not show possible results. However, we were quite curious regarding PuraLean weight loss reviews. Hence, we conducted detailed research and investigation to determine whether PuraLean is the best option for weight loss or if it is just another fraud? Read more in this article.

What Is PuraLean?



PuraLean is a natural weight loss supplement pill that can help you lose weight easily. We investigated more information regarding this weight loss supplement from its official website. The website says that PuraLean contains a concentrated formula of powerful natural antioxidants designed to detoxify and help with weight loss.

The body naturally can gain immunity and other natural abilities to stay healthy and support weight loss. Let’s look at some of the features of PuraLean mentioned on their website.


PuraLean is a natural supplement that helps detoxify the body and help with weight loss. In this particular section mentioned on the website, it is unclear how this pill can help with the strength of a body. Clear information is not mentioned, which makes this product ambiguous.


Again the website says the same thing: the formula is naturally made and helps detoxify the body. It contains ingredients that do that. Still, it is not clear how PuraLean can give power to your body in any way. The content for this website is poorly written, which is another example to prove it.


PuraLean is made using ingredients of the highest degree, and all GMP guidelines are practiced while manufacturing.


The product is said to be Antibiotic-free, gluten-free, and FDA-registered. No animal testing has been done to prove this product.

PuraLean Reviews – Website Information

The official PuraLean website is no doubt a very user-friendly platform. You can easily place an order to get PuraLean to your doorstep. However, the concern here is that the content written on this website is not enough to satisfy a potential customer. One sentence is repeated over and over again in different words. Secondly, these pills are also available on Amazon. To our surprise, the pill available on Amazon has a different formula than what is sold on its official website. 

There are so many more red flags that make the use of these pills ambiguous and uncertain. The company claims it boosts immunity, detoxes the body, and improves heart health. The mystery is how it does do all of these mentioned things. There is no clear explanation for this on the website. The ingredient header of this pill says that PuraLean is made up of the proprietary formula of the most protective superfoods in the world.

Again, the company does not specify what it protects against and what the blend is. We kept the scientific stuff aside for a moment and investigated the website’s legitimacy. On checking Scam Adviser, we found that PuraLean has an astounding trust score of 86%, which probably means this website is not a scam. However, we cannot rely 100% on this trust score. Many websites with high trust scores are scams as well.

The negative of this website is that its owner is hiding its identity using a paid tool. Secondly, this website has an extremely low Alexa trust rank. Most importantly, there are not any reviews for this pill available on popular review sites such as Trust Pilot.

Still, the website has an SSL certificate and is certified safe according to DNSFilter. More information about this website is mentioned below.

PuraLean Reviews – Additional Information

Key facts

Alexa rank


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Kalkofnsvegur 2 101 Reykjavik Capital Region






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PuraLean Reviews – Is This Website A Scam?

There are no PuraLean Reviews available on the internet. Let’s have a look at what this product is made up of:

  1. Banaba
  2. Guggul
  3. Bitter Melon
  4. Yarrow
  5. Gymnema Sylvestre
  6. White Mulberry
  7. Vanadium
  8. Vitamin C&E
  9. And More

PuraLean reveals the ingredients, but not all of them are revealed. Also, it does not tell us in what blend and composition all of these ingredients are mixed. The ingredients listed on the official PuraLean are completely different from what is mentioned on Amazon. There is no clear ingredients label available on the official website, which further makes this product difficult to trust.

There are no clear usage instructions and mentioned side effects of the pill. We also do not know how long these pills take to show their effect. Furthermore, there is no way to tell how much weight you will lose and exactly how much time. The website seems to be a scam that just wants to sell fake packaged products to customers in return for their hard-earned money.

A Few Last Words

Due to the lack of PuraLean weight loss reviews, we cannot say clearly regarding the safety and effectiveness of this pill. We do not recommend using any medicine or product on our platform. This post is written purely for informational purposes.

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