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The Point System For Indians Seeking A PR In Canada

Canada PR point system is for skilled workers planning to move to the country. This system takes into account attributes like age, education, work experience, and others. Each category contains points based on their importance. The applicant’s total points decide whether they can move under PR immigration to Canada.

The minimum points necessary for an applicant for a Canada PR immigration varies, depending upon various factors. Typically, one needs to have a minimum of 67 points to qualify. However, the system varies every year depending upon labour market demand and other factors.

Things to Consider Before Applying for PR:

You should fulfil specific requisites before applying for an express entry program or a PNP. We are giving you a list of various pointers to make it easier. After learning about these qualities, you can use the Canada CRS calculator to check how many points you can get.

Location of Employer: 

Depending on the immigration program you have selected, the employer’s location will matter accordingly. For instance, if you are planning on moving to Canada under a PNP, the employer’s location should be within that province.

The number of hours per week:

You must complete work of 35 to 40 hours per week minimum; these depend on your chosen permit or visa.

Letter of Intent:

Applicants must provide a proper LOR from the employer, attested by Human Resources and Skills Development in Canada.

Age Limit:

There is an age limit under the various immigration programs. However, you receive fewer points if you are above the age of 35, which can vary as per the selected immigration path.


Applicants should have a Degree/Diploma certified as per the Canadian education standards.

English Language Ability:

Applicants must meet the minimum standard of the English language to understand and communicate basic conversation in English. In some cases, candidates will have to be fluent in French, but that is limited to regions like Quebec.

Influencing Factors in the CRS:

Here is the CRS calculator of points required for a work permit for canada process. It may change with time by the Canadian Government. It’s important to check frequently about the new guidelines. This is the most recent point required for Canada PR immigration.

  •      Age: Maximum 12 points (if you are between 18 to 35 years of age)
  •      Experience: 9 to 15 points based on the work experience
  •      Qualification –05 to 25 points, ranging from a high school diploma to a PhD
  •      English language: 16 to 24 points
  •      French language ability: 16 to 24 points

So, if you have all the above-mentioned requirements, then only you are eligible for Canada PR.

Canada CRS Points System: 

If you want to check whether you are eligible for Canada PR immigration or not, then filling the form of Canada PR immigration is very important. Please make sure that before applying, you should receive a point score out of possible 67 points; otherwise, it may lead to rejection of the application.

The influencing factors outlined above are the primary part of your CRS calculator for immigration to Canada. Apart from these, factors like spouse compatibility and blood relation can also play a pivotal role. For instance,

Irrespective of the immigration program, you should score a minimum of 67 out of possible 100 points. So, it is recommended to check Canada Express Entry Points Calculator to get an idea if you can qualify for Canada PR immigration.

Once your points are calculated, then start making applications for Canada PR. Because more applications are submitted with no valid reason, there is a risk of being rejected. If you are not able to fulfil this requirement, there are ways to improve your CRS score. The top immigration consultants in India are well versed in enhancing the CRS score of candidates or enabling them to use a different immigration path. For instance, these consultants may recommend a candidate to pick up a temporary work permit for gaining work experience in Canada, which is a massive plus with Canada PR immigration.

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