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The Services for Unarmed Security Guards San Bernardino?

Several services of unarmed security guards in San Bernardino take their clients’ security seriously. They understand that the right security company can make all the difference globally, and they strive to be the best in the business. They put forth great effort to give you a service that is second to none so that you may relax knowing that your business is in good hands.

Their trained staff members are always ready to deal with any situation that arises, ensuring that your building remains safe. If you are looking for an unarmed security guards service provider who will move above and beyond to satisfy your requirements and exceed your expectations, look no further than reliable service!

Services Provided By Unarmed Security Guards

Many companies are leading providers of unarmed security guards San Bernardino services and have been in this industry. They provide security guards to clients, ranging from high profile individuals to small and medium-sized businesses. Their services are incredibly professional, and their guards are train in different categories of unarm security guarding.

According to the type of security required by the client. Their guards are well-train in self-defence techniques and other martial arts forms. They are also equip with CCTV cameras and access control systems.


The presence of an unarmed security officer on your premises signals to your employees, guests, suppliers, and other visitors that they are safe. It also demonstrates that you give a shit about people under your supervision. Unarmed security officers contribute to a feeling of security and tranquillity. Employee productivity will increase, and your customers will remain longer on your premises if they feel protected.

Building Security

The building security officers are the people who are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of a building or the setting assigned to them. Their motive is to ensure that no one gets inside without permission and that everything is safe inside. In this category, there are three types of officers:

  1. Gate-house officers: They are the first line of defence against intruders, and they keep a keen eye on all activities happening around the gatehouse. They have the authority to stop any visitor from entering if they do not have an appointment with someone inside. These officers also make sure that no one is missing from inside when they come out for lunch or any other purpose.
  2. Foot-patrol officers: These guys walk around in pairs to ensure that every corner of the building is safe and secure for everyone present in it. They patrol all areas at regular intervals to check if everything is acceptable or not. If anything suspicious happens, these officers immediately call other guards on duty.  Near them for help if something dangerous occurs like theft etcetera.
  3. Vehicle-patrol officers: These officers ride vehicles patrolling through different roads around their area to spot any suspicious movements like thefts, etcetera quickly.

Entrance Protection

The security officers are in charge of ensuring safety. Then public and the peace your workers will be more efficient. They have to check people’s credentials, verify if they have the right to enter a building or site and make sure that there is enough space for all of them to be inside the building or area.

They are also responsible for reporting any suspicious activity to their superiors so they can take action accordingly. Security guards are unarmed, but they are trained with some martial arts techniques if there is an emergency and they need to defend themselves or others.

Executive Protection

Security services understand that you need your business to be safe and secure. So they offer a wide range of security services, including unarmed security guards in San Bernardino services. Their guards can keep your property safe and secure.

They patrol the area regularly, making sure entrances are locked uptight. They also watch the security cameras to see what’s happening in real-time. However, they are train to act as peacemakers rather than law enforcement agents.

They will do this by communicating regularly via radio or mobile device to stay informed. About any changes in the situation at hand. Additionally, they may be equip with taser guns or pepper spray should an altercation occur onsite. If someone tries to break into your store. The staff may also be unarmed female guards depending on what kind of image you want for your business. Soft painting for shopping malls/public dealing offices.

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