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Things Needed To Process Chicken

Suppose people have decided to process and raise their meat chickens themselves. Most likely, they have decided to do so after doing their research, which has helped them know precisely how to grow their perfect broiler. Now they are waiting for their poultry processing day. It is necessary to be ready and have all the poultry processing machinery prepared before the poultry butchering day comes. This blog discusses everything people will require to process their broiler chickens.

Poultry Processing Needs Fresh Water

Initially, people will need to access fresh water. Whereas it is acceptable for people to have water filled in buckets transported to their processing station, it would be even better if people could set up their poultry processing station near a running fresh water source. People will need fresh water for performing four jobs

1 Washing and cleaning their poultry birds, tools, knives, and hands.

2 Scalding their poultry birds if they would de-feather with them a scalder

3 For running a plucker( if they will be utilizing an automated plucker)

4 To clean the carcass after de-feathering and to soak it in, you shift to the other chicken. People need to do this to cool chickens down after scalding and stock them while they work on other chickens in their flock.


People will need ice to chill their poultry birds after dressing them up, and they might employ it to regulate the temperature of the scalder. They could keep that ice inside a cooler at their poultry processing station.

Soap and disinfectant

People will require a disinfectant to wash every area their processed chickens contact to safeguard the health and security of all those who consume its meat. In addition, soaps and sanitizers are nice to clean up between poultry birds(mainly if people have come across an unhealthy chicken that can not be consumed). Whenever people get their chickens, they would rapidly learn to be careful of the innards as they process their birds. Inadvertently cutting these organs would pollute the meat. So people will need to clean their tools and clean their hands between birds.

Bags, buckets, and trash bins


People will find that the more excellent bins, trash bags, and buckets they have, the better it is for them, particularly if they have a huge flock. These products will be helpful whenever draining blood to clasp it and keep the region clean. They are also valuable for containing stray feathers and byproducts such as chicken legs and placing the innards. Designate specific containers for waste, food to consume, or byproducts that could be utilized in things such as dog treats.

Poultry processing cones

Poultry processing cones are useful whether people are beheading their chickens by using a slaughtering machine for chicken or cutting their chicken’s carotid artery as it not only holds their chickens in place during dispatching but also helps people easily handle them and provide an area for putting the carcass. 

Poultry processing: dispatching tools

What people utilize to dispatch their chicken would depend on their personal preferences. 

Here are some options people could consider

Hatchet and block

The old way people can use to dispatch their chicken is the nice old chopping block. In this scenario, people will put the neck of the chicken between a couple of strategically put nails on their desired chopping block, and with a single swift movement, they will remove the chicken’s head from its body. This is known as the beheading process. 

Broomstick method

The broomstick might be utilized as a process of breaking the neck of a chicken. If people want to exercise this option, they could either do this with their hands or with the help of a long or broomstick.

Co2 chamber

Several commercial poultry processing companies utilize this method. It needs a Co2 chamber, patience, and gas.

Pellet Gun

Some people are more relaxed while utilizing a pellet gun to slaughter their chickens, but this procedure could be messy and result in stress on the chickens if they do not get killed instantly. Unluckily, stress can result in a rise in the chicken’s hormones and eventually lead to the production of tough meat.


After the dispatching of the chicken, people must hang it over their bucket to facilitate blood drainage. Here installed poultry cones are useful. From there, it enters the scalder to ease the plucking of feathers. Even if people want to skin their chickens, they will want to employ a simple method for removing feathers.

De-feathering equipment for poultry processing

After people have appropriately scalded their chickens, people should use automatic pluckers. Automatic pluckers are usually huge drums with rubber fingers in them. The drums link to a source of water and spin by using an electric motor. Then the feathers are ripped out of the correctly scalded chicken, leaving a tiny number of excessive feathers, majorly pin feathers.

Pinning knife

The pinning knife helps people easily remove the leftover feathers.

Large bin or cooler

After people have dispatched their chickens, it is a nice idea to let them sit in a water cooler until people are prepared to remove the unwanted organs.

Butchering Equipment

Sharpeners and Knives

People must always remember to keep sharp knives. This would be essential as they start the dressing procedure(particularly if they intend to breast out their chickens)

Cutting Boards

To easily cut and maintain a tidy environment.

Sturdy Table

A butcher block or strong table would go a long way whenever cutting a chicken. People should ensure that it is level and cannot wobble to ensure they do not accidentally cut themselves.

Storage Supplies

When all is stated and done, it is time for people to pack up their harvest and stock it up in a freezer. 


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