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9 Tips to Attract Event Sponsors for Your Next Special Event

The financial success of any corporate event is solely based on sponsorship. But, let’s accept the fact that event sponsorship is far more complicated than the exchange of money used for exposure. It’s a fact that branded merch and websites often takeover the offers. So, an event manager or marketer has all the right to go to all the legitimate extent to increase the brand and event visibility.

Being an event manager, you must know that you are dealing with Netflix binges, so you gotta be more creative to grasp their attention. Many professional and experienced event managers use the most powerful marketing tool to size the audience’s attention: word-of-mouth.

Don’t forget that sponsorship is more like a public endorsement of an event’s credibility. Therefore, the giant the sponsor, the more influence it carries.

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A successful event is a victory or triumph for the event manager and the sponsor, so here is how you can do that.

Chalk Out a List of Potential Event Sponsors

First thing first, the key step for an event proposal is making a list of all your potential sponsors who might be interested in your corporate events. You should be mindful while creating a list as there will be sponsors who might get benefitted from your audience directly. 

The best sponsors are those who perceive your audience as advantageous for their organization. In simple words, you must be aware of your potential attendees and search out the demographics, psychographics, and other details to verify them as a mutual interest of you and your sponsors. 

Don’t Just Stick to the Plan

The whole purpose of planning an event and getting sponsorship is to create value for the sponsor, exhibitors, and the audience. If things are in your control, be flexible and try to create value for the sponsors. 

Every sponsor has a different mindset, and there is more to obtain from sponsorship than just funding. 

You can make much out of your healthy relationship with the sponsors in the future. So, deliver what they truly need or ask for instead of being rigid and sticking to the plan. It will help you negotiate better and bring up more cross-promotion opportunities.

Come Up With a Referral Program

Referral programs work wonders. Sponsors are more likely to have a massive and engaged audience in a specific niche. And, offering the audience a special offer can promote your event in a more attractive way.

To make this trick work effectively, the key is trust. If the sponsor has made a trustworthy relationship with their audience, they will tend to trust the endorsement of your event done by the sponsor.

So, make sure that you offer this referral suggestion to sponsors whose audience fills in your ideal attendee’s space.

Dig Deep About the Sponsors

Research is the most neglected area of many event proposals. Not because the managers assume it as unimportant but because they think they know the sponsors well. 

Besides conducting thorough research about sponsors, scout out every detail about their organization too. Read about the events they sponsored in the past and any challenges the organization is dealing with these days.

This way, you can put a better offer and attract more funding and opportunities for your upcoming events.

Captivate the Attention With Incentives and Discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts and cashback incentives? Grab the potential sponsors by putting up a cashback incentive or a discount offer on their sponsorship package if they bring a certain audience.

It will help you position your event more effectively and convince the sponsors to push the promotion more than otherwise.

Help Your Sponsors With VIP Tickets and Exclusive Offers

When sponsors and exhibitors support your event, they not only pay you for the exposure they get. But they pay for the standing the events give them in their own circle, communities, and societies. 

As we mentioned above, to create value for the sponsors, offer them VIP tickets, some exclusive offers, and other perks they can give to their potential audience.

Help your sponsors in presenting themselves as more trustworthy or reliable to their audience by selling those offers and tickets exclusively. 

Treat Your Sponsors Well

After you get into a deal with sponsors, try to engage them in the event and make sure they look after it themselves. Treat them nicely, give importance to them and listen to them attentively. 

In fact, if you have a budget and endless resources, try to allocate one of your team members to the event sponsor during the events. This way, they’ll feel honored and respected, while this special treatment will build a better business bond between the two of you. 

Arrange a Damn Good Event for Them

Make it your top priority to embrace your sponsors and exhibitors with the best events of their lives. By doing so, you will get them again on board, but they’ll also share the details from past events that can be of use to you. 

Aside from getting financial contributions, you will receive organic growth, recognition, and acknowledgment by being organized, committed, and dedicated while delivering a stellar event.

Discuss Your Follow-up Routines

The event holds great importance for an event manager, but it doesn’t mean that it will be of the same importance for your sponsors as well. They might have other things on their plate. 

So, make sure to discuss their follow-up routines to make them a part of the entire event process. Share your schedule and ask them about their routine to have a conversation about events and other things. That’s how you can make a habit of maintaining reports and securing potential sponsors.

Last but Not the Least

An event can’t be successful without having pro event planners at your side. So let Planned to Perfection Events Planning and Catering help you arrange an immaculate event for you and your exhibitors.

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