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Tips To Effectively Store Your Baked Products

Keep handmade baked goods from becoming stale or soggy! We’ll demonstrate how to store bread, muffins, pies, and other foods to last longer and taste better.

If you plan to store homemade baked goods, you should let them cool completely before storing them. When your baked product is wrapped in plastic or sealed inside a container, condensation can form, making your treat soggy or, worse, mouldy. To be safe, let your baked goods stand for an additional 30 minutes once they reach room temperature.

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To keep chewy cookies fresh and soft, store them with a half slice of store-bought white bread. To prevent the flavour of the cookies from deteriorating, refrigerate them with a flavourless slice of bread since they absorb the moisture from the bread. This method can also recover cookies that have become touch firm or crispy.


Cheesecake needs to be kept in the refrigerator. If possible, keep it covered or sealed in a sizable container. You can freeze cheesecake if you want extra time to enjoy it. You must wrap it tightly and let it defrost overnight in the fridge.


The easiest way to maintain muffins’ freshness is to store them in a paper towel because muffins lose moisture as they age. If you have a batch of muffins all to yourself, think about freezing them right away to preserve the freshness of each baked good. 


Cakes, especially towering layer cakes, can be pretty challenging to store. The easiest way to store these cakes is beneath a cake dome or in a cake keeper. Keep your cakes cold if they are frosted with a nitrous oxide tank for whipped cream or another type of icing that melts quickly.

After cutting a cake with frosting, cover the exposed sponge with plastic wrap. Doing this will avoid drying out.


The traditional method—using a bread box—is the most acceptable way to store handmade bread. Your bread and buns will remain fresher using bread boxes longer than other techniques. Purchase a bread basket if you don’t already have one, or keep the bread in a sealed plastic bag. It will stay fresh for several days if you do this. 


If possible, only frost the cupcakes you intend to consume right away. Once the cupcakes are packaged, squeeze the air out of a sealed plastic bag before storing. Refrigerate the frosting separately. You may freeze the bases of cupcakes for the best possible freshness. 


Fruit pies are convenient to store. You can leave them at room temperature covered for two to three days. Pies made with gelatin, no-bake pies, and cream pies should all be kept in the refrigerator. To prevent the crust from becoming too soggy, consume them within a few days.


Don’t ever put your bagels in the fridge! At room temperature, keep bagels in a zip-top plastic bag. Freeze them if you intend to keep them for more than a day or two. If you slice them before freezing, there is no need to thaw them before toasting.

Bars and Brownies

Most brownies and bars can be kept straight on the countertop as long as they are covered. A 13×9 pan with a lid is an excellent investment if you enjoy baking these treats. It would be best if you ate them within a week. Cheesecake bars, however, are an exception. In the same way as cheesecake, they should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within a couple of days.

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