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5 Tips To Protect Your Roof During The Winter

During the winter, homes get a lot of snow and rain. It’s not as hard as you might think to keep your roof from getting damaged if you get help from professionals and use the right tools.

Lifetime Roofing can clean and check your roof to keep your custom home construction and clean this  winter. For winter protection, use these tips and new roof technologies.

Remove Debris From Gutters

If you don’t clean out your drains, snow and ice can build up on top of trash, which can lead to ice dams. If you clean out your gutters, water will flow away from your house and protect your roof during the winter. Ice dams can cause a lot of damage, and you may need to fix your roof.


Use A Roof Rake

If it snows a lot, your roof might cave in or start to leak. With a roof rake, you can safely clear away snow while standing on the ground. Getting rid of heavy, wet snow from your roof will keep you from having to fix the whole thing or deal with holes or leaks while it’s cold outside.

You can find roof rakes at most building stores and they’re not too expensive. This winter, getting a professional roof replacement is just as important as getting a snow shovel. A roof rake can help you climb on your roof safely and without getting hurt.

Insulate Your Attic

Your energy bills will go down and your home will be more comfortable if you make sure it is well sealed. If your attic isn’t sealed, moist air from the rest of your house can rise and freeze or condense there. If mold or mildew starts to grow in the attic, it can make people in your home sick.

Spend Money On Heating Cables

If you connect heating wires to your roof, you won’t have to clear the snow yourself. With the push of a button, the wires can be turned on after they are set up. The heating wires will melt the snow and make it easier for it to drain from the roof and into the gutters.

If people use this method, they will have to make sure their gutters are clear so that the water can actually leave their homes.

Before winter comes, insulate your attic so that even if the temperature changes, it will stay dry. It’s easy to miss condensation until it’s too late, so protecting your roof now will keep it safe this winter.

Trim Trees Around Your Home

Tree trimming can help keep your gutters clean and keep your roof from getting damaged. This will keep big trees from hitting your roof and making holes in it.

The leaves that fall from trees can get stuck in your gutters, and the sticks from trees can also get stuck in your roof. Your home will be safe from costly damage if you cut off long tree branches and sick trees.

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