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Top 5 Addictive Casual Games for iOS

Would you not want to come back home after a day of grinding at work and relax? Most people we know usually just take out their mobile phones and start playing one of the games they have downloaded. But imagine playing something that really requires you to sit up and put in all of your mental concentration. Does not sound too relaxing now, does it?

Let’s See The Position of the Games!

Well, this is where casual games come to your rescue. They are a bunch of lightweight, fun games which are simply designed and have attractive features. Recent years have seen a boom in the growth of casual games, and with an increase in the consumption of mobile devices, many people have now switched from PC games to mobile casual games.

Are Casual games easy or hard?

They are easy to play, and you can in fact resume playing from where you last left it. So all those worries about losing the game if you get that important phone call from work.

Top 5 Games Listed Below-

So, are you ready to kill your boredom and go for a fun ride? Let us show you the top 5 casual games that you can download from your App Store and start playing.


  1. Slashy: Camel Motion’s new Slashy is the thing for all. This interesting puzzle game has everyone engaged—both young and old. Here, you get to burst discs with slices that need to be placed on top of those discs.WHY SLASHY?This game has over 300 levels and the level of difficulty increases as you progress through the game in the form of discs. There is a compelling feature in the game called “hammer” which you can avail to shape up the slices to be put on the discs if the slices do not fit. There are loads of different props that can be used such as a vinyl record, a slice of kiwi, and a football, to name a few. This fun casual game also comes up with three different themes for backgrounds making the interface cooler.


  1. Snake vs Block: As the name suggests, this popular game involves dragging your fingers around the screen to break bricks or blocks by guiding a snake. Each ball moved towards will show a number on top of it that only indicates the length of the snake’s tail.  the brick you crash with that also displays a number hinting at the number of balls lost in trying to pass through it. As you progress in the game, the longer the snake tail grows, the more balls you gather. Similarly, the more you crash into blocks, the shorter the snake tail becomes.


  1. Polyforge: When it comes to casual games, simple design and easy mechanics are the top priority. this game is tap on the screen to hit the arrows and shield the crystals on all its sides without having to hit a side more than once. The crystals that appear come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and are visually rupturing along with exuding a calm.


  1. Stack: The name itself gives you an idea of what the game is about. That’s right! Stack involves stacking up blocks as high as you possibly can. But it isn’t as simple. These blocks or stacks come from two different directions which need perfect aligning with the block right below it. If you fail to do it, the stack of blocks chips off and becomes smaller in size. To further enhance the gaming experience, this game comes up with soothing background colors and good graphics. Isn’t it fun?


  1. : Flappy Dunk needs you to prevent the balls from hitting the ground or the ceiling while making sure you get a dunk. Simply put, it means you jump into as many hoops as you can while avoiding the ball hitting the floor. Each hoop you clear gets you one point; the swift and clean a dunk is, the more the score which increases by 2x, 3x, and 4x points. new balls are unlocked based on new colors and sports when you grow. Another attractive feature is that you get new options for hoops, flames, and wings as you advance in levels.


Now that you know the 5 best casual games, just take out your iPhone and start downloading them. You can visit our website for more stuff.  they are extremely addictive in nature, and you might just be glued to your phones at all times. Just don’t forget to take out the peanut butter cookies from the oven! Tap Play Now To Play SLASHY Casual Game????




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