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Top 5 Handbags Blogs For Your Latest Information

If you’re a bag lover, you’ve probably already subscribed to a handbags blog. These blogs allow bag lovers to discuss the latest trends and news about the latest bags. They also feature news of the latest happenings in the fashion industry. If you’re looking for the latest handbags, a handbags blog is definitely a must-read. Listed below are some of the most popular handbag blogs:


For more information on how to find the right handbag for your lifestyle, visit PurseBlog. This site covers everything from designer handbags to high-end purse stores. You can browse by brand, category, or type of bag. And if you want to get the scoop on a particular designer, you can check out PurseBlog’s interviews. In addition to revealing their secrets to bag design, PurseBlog features a Q & A section where you can find tips and tricks from real fashionistas.

Meaghan Mahoney Dusil, a resident bag lover and fashion blogger, started PurseBlog in 2005. With her expertise in handbags, she has built a highly useful website that provides daily editorial on the most stylish designer bags. She covers the latest styles from all the leading luxury handbag designers. Her blog is a great place to get fashion tips and advice, and you’ll find a new bag every day.

Esperos Backpacks

The founder of Esperos Bags, Oliver Shuttlesworth, was inspired to create the company after he visited Central America in 2011. While there, he saw the devastating effects of poverty, and he was moved by the efforts of parents to send their children to school, but were unable to afford it. As a result, Oliver decided to sell backpacks to raise money for education initiatives in the developing world. Today, Esperos bags are a popular way to support these efforts.

Esperos Bags are backpacks for children that support education initiatives in developing nations. They are made by Oliver Shuttlesworth, who first was inspired by his trip to Central America in 2011. While there, he witnessed the devastating impact of poverty on children and their families. He saw that many of them only had $20 to send their children to school. So, he decided to create a backpack company to sell to raise money for education projects in the developing world.

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

When you want to buy luxury handbags and accessories, Queen Bee of Beverly Hills is the place to go. The company is a wholesaler and online retailer of authentic designer brands. These luxury brands are sold from its website and ship worldwide. If you want to buy a designer handbag, try browsing through its collection and select a style to match your personality. There are many prestigious brands to choose from, including Chanel, Hermès, Fendi, Prada, and Gucci. If you want to shop with exclusive pieces and limited edition collections, Queen Bee of Beverly Hills is the place to go.

Rebecca Rushing has a passion for designer handbags, and she opened Queen Bee of Beverly Hills on Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville, Alabama. The company represents three-fourths of the world’s luxury goods industry. Other companies that have stores in the United States include Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. There is also an entire floor dedicated to handbags by Michael Kors and Prada.


The PurseBop Handbags blog provides readers with the latest information on fashion trends and designers, as well as the latest in purses. Founded in 2002 by Rebecca Rushing, the blog is a leading authority in handbag fashion and design. The blog has over a million followers and reviews hundreds of designer handbags each month. While most of the blog’s posts are written in a witty and casual style, they are packed with valuable information on the latest handbag trends.

The PurseBop Handbags blog features new articles and discussions every day. Readers can learn about new designer handbags, as well as get sneak peeks of upcoming styles. In addition to the daily posts, the blog also features a forum for users to talk about their favorite designers and get fashion tips.

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