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Top Change Management Apps for the Year 2022

Both the pre-and post-COVID phases witnessed a massive change that was motivated mainly because of technical endeavors and even otherwise while affecting businesses and organizational practices. Thus, considerably upsetting developments in the process. Essentially an organizational discipline, Change Management tools are meant to structure the process of change in a business, which is often hectic and turbulent if its makeup is not well defined. To moderate organizational ambiguity, one requires tools and resources that can help to evaluate and control executive transitions.

Corporate change management is often tricky and cannot be achieved by using an exclusive tool only for the purpose. To navigate every type of corporate change smoothly, professionals often require several kinds of change management tools that address various needs of the organization. If customers are part of the equation, a professional such as a technical project manager needs to be even more prompt with the different phases of change management, since new technology is always recruited to provide solutions for smoother transitions to new systems.

However, this doesn’t mean that non-technical professionals are let off the hook for their role is also significant and noteworthy, especially since it is connected with customer development. Here are some of the oft-suggested change management tools, which are meant to rev up change management within your organization:

1) Wrike

Wrike is amongst the latest change management tools, which is dominating the industry. Currently recommended by over 20K corporate establishments and new start-ups, it is considered the perfect solution for team collaboration and works exceptionally well with a wide range of teams of all sizes. So whether you have a team of ten or a team consisting of 200 employees, Wrike is a suitable option that you should consider for your team. 

What’s even more interesting is that as a marketing-based project management tool, Wrike is comprehensive yet versatile enough to deliver customized solutions to any industry around the globe. And is a fantastic mix that offers a delicate balance between basic features and advanced ones.

Since this is a standard P.M. solution, the provider is tailored to all kinds of professionals. What makes Wrike a trustworthy solution are its varied features. Starting with the dashboard first, it is robust yet user-friendly at the same time, which simplifies resource management for all projects. What’s more, all task details can easily be viewed while simultaneously boosting task productivity. 

Therefore, one does not have to explore any other software solutions, since everything is literally at one’s fingertips. In addition to this, professionals also have the opportunity to assess and rectify any obstruction that may be hampering production in any way, ensuring that business is on the pathway towards growth and success.

One standout feature of Wrike is that it comes with the option to provide real-time analytics to the end-user, an option that is not usually available in standard project management tools. Nonetheless, Wrike does come with certain cons as well. One, corporate professionals are often intimidated when they first start working with the P.M. tool for it seems to come across as ‘overwhelming’. 

Even if they have previous experience with a similar tool, they seem to find it quite challenging. Secondly, even though training modules are available for Wrike, most businesses are not interested in investing all this extra time in learning a new tool. Lastly, Wrike is downright expensive and considered suitable for big organizations only, which are bringing in large revenues.

2) Whatfix

Whatfix is your standard digital adoption platform (DAP). DAP is technically an intricate software, that involves layers of product on top of another. This is to facilitate digital proficiency, by helping users navigate the software. As a software as a service (SaaS) platform, Whatfix’s successful adoption by Fortune 500 companies while being headquartered in India has been awe-spiring. 

The tool provides effective in-app help along with performance support for all sorts of web/mobile apps and related digital products. While facilitating different-sized organizations and enterprises to initiate technical collaborations within web apps. Since this program is regarded as a top global software adoption platform, the aim is to drive optimal digital adoption, and lessen launch time, while simultaneously enhancing internal productivity to see ROIs accelerate with maximum surety.

While there are many advantages associated with Whatfix, this terrific tool ensures that no coding knowledge is required for non-technical professionals, making the entire process easy. Thus, establishing the platform’s inbuilt analytics, followed by in-app support, which is personalized as per each user role. The best part is that Whatfix provides optimum support to several platforms at the same time so that it is easier to host content created by different parties. 

What’s more, content can either be hosted on your server or the Whatfix cloud. Thus, maximizing optimal adoption and user engagement for all pre-existing data. This can be observed by Whatfix’s success, which raised $950K via personalized in-house content.

3) Startly

Another service delivery tool that aims to simplify service platforms while supporting I.T.-based professionals such as service agents with ticket support and related requests. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in West Des Moines, Startly is one useful tool every time organizational change is required. It is particularly helpful when tech implementation is successful within all levels and can give the expected ROI. 

Moreover, digital transformation is always meant to enhance company performance while identifying opportunities that may both automate complex processes and handle critical issues well. Unlike other related tools, Startly centralizes all issue tickets in one place without users having to jump back and forth. This means that all inward requests will be duly received and sorted without a hiccup or even the occasional glitch. Just like the terrific Select TV that continues to dazzle viewers with a fantastic service reception all for a reasonable price!

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The main idea is to simplify the service process, which makes it easier to implement internal change and regulate risk while keeping service disruptions at bay.

Wrapping Up

So there you have some fantastic apps that ensure that change management structures business change processes smoothly. Download any one of them and start working!

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