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Trendy Patchwork Attires Of 2022

If anything that always remains trendy are dresses and fashionable accessories. Whether you are surfing through the internet or visiting a shop nearby, you will find trendy dresses and accessories available everywhere. Because fashion is a cyclical process, you will find many retro dresses coming back to the trend. It won’t be wrong, if we say that fashion is an unpredictable change. But this change is positive. It enables us to try and experiment new things. We experiment with different dresses and accessories for different occasions and outings.

In 2022, different styles of dresses are becoming trendy everywhere. Some of them were once old fashioned, but have now made their comeback with some new elevations. Patchwork skirts, patchwork dungarees, tie dye skirts, tie dye dresses and so on, that were once famous in the retro era, have finally made their comeback in 2022. These dresses have some additions of contemporary style as well. In short, these dresses are a fusion of old and modern style.

Jordash Clothing is an online store in the UK, where you are going to find different styles of dresses, including patchwork skirts, tie dye skirts and patchwork dungarees. Not only that, you are also going to find different styles of gothic dresses and gothic accessories in this online store. In this article we are going to look at some of the trendy patchwork attires of 2022.

Let us now have a look at some of the patchwork attires that you can wear and become a trend-setter in 2022.

  1. Patchwork Skirts

Patchwork skirts are one of the most trendiest attires of 2022. These colourful bottoms can be worn with different types of stylish tops of solid colours. If we go back to history, earlier patchwork attire was made by sewing different pieces of fabric together. But today, patchwork attires, such as these skirts are either designed by putting together different pieces of fabric or by giving them colourful patchwork prints. These trendy attires give you a stylish and colourful look. If you have a stylish solid coloured top in your wardrobe, you should definitely buy a colourful patchwork skirt and pair it with the top to look fashionable. Moreover, a colourful patchwork skirt on a bright sunny day won’t be a bad combination at all.

patchwork skirts

  1. Patchwork Dungarees

Dungarees are the coolest attires you can have in different seasons. One of the favourites of the fashionistas of the 1990’s, this attire has again made a comeback in 2022. And of course, like all other attires, it has upgraded itself. It is easy to wear. And no other attire is as comfortable as a dungaree. You look smart and fashionable in a dungaree and it is the best attire for a casual outing. But have you ever thought of the fusion of patchwork designs and dungarees? You may not have heard about this before, but dungaree has really turned colourful because of the touch of the patchwork design. In 2022, you are going to get unique designs of patchwork dungarees to get a trendy look. So if you are someone who wants to wear a comfy but colourful attire, a patchwork dungaree is a must for you.

Patchwork Dungarees


  1. Patchwork Top

Already bored with solid coloured tops? Then why don’t you try something colourful? How about a patchwork design top? Since patchwork design is all over there in the market, it won’t be wise to satisfy yourself only with a patchwork skirt or a patchwork dungaree. As you all know that adding colours to life makes it more amazing, then why should we leave far behind in adding colours to our fashion and wardrobe? A patchwork top will give you a modern and stylish look. You will look smart and funky in a patchwork top. Also if you pair it with solid coloured pants or denim jeans, you are definitely going to look ravishing in this unique combination. A pair of sneakers, a pair of earrings and a pair of sunglasses are enough to combine with this look and you are all set to go out!

Patchwork Skirts

Summing Up

Patchwork designs add a unique look to your fashion quotient. Be it patchwork skirts, patchwork dungarees or patchwork tops, these colourful attires are suitable for different occasions and seasons. So, this season add a patchwork attire to your wardrobe and enhance your style quotient to the next level.

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