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Uber Clone: Build A Custom App With The Latest Features

Uber clone app is coded and designed to dwell in the market where everyone needs everything in a jiffy. Just like the taxi business giant – Uber, even this taxi business solution is gaining traction exponentially. So, if you are looking forward to kick-starting a transportation business, this is the guide you need to read through before investing the entire amount into the idea! Think about your customers and what they want from your application. Surf through the internet, interview your potential customers, and survey the audience to understand their needs and wants better! 

Well, one thing is for sure – your customers are tech-savvy and all they want is ‘a technologically attractive and useful’ taxi booking app. 

taxi booking app


If you take a look at the taxi booking demo application and use it for a while you will get to know how taxi is booked, what features are available, and much more. 

Well, here is the specially curated list of all the features available on the app!

Toll calculation 

This feature comes free of cost with the purchase of the package. The app is pre-integrated with an additional API that automatically calculates the additional toll fee levied as soon as the taxi passes through one! 

OTP verification 

This feature is one related to keeping the Uber clone app’s security intact. Here, the driver will ask for the 4-digit code that is sent to the rider’s registered mobile number and email address. It is only after the driver adds the OTP confirmation code in the app, can they start the ride! 

In-app navigation 

Tracking the location of the rider is one of the most important features of this app. Live tracking gives a sense of security for the rider as well as their closed ones. On the other hand, the drivers can use the map and easily follow the route without knowing the area’s geography. 

Emergency button  

The SOS or Emergency button is yet another important feature one must include in their uber clone app. The button lets the passenger hit an alarm when they feel threatened during the ride. A simple tap on the button will automatically send a ‘HELP’ message to 3 emergency contacts, the app administrator, and the local police. The message is delivered with the exact location of the rider! 

Call masking to hide the driver and rider’s phone numbers 

This feature allows the user and the driver to call each other with a single tap on the screen without revealing the phone numbers to either of them. Such a call masking feature lets the user and the driver maintain their privacy. 


While developing the taxi app, the entrepreneur has to ensure: 

Conducting market research 

Before plunging into the market, the entrepreneur needs to conduct thorough research. This will help them determine requirements, analyze their competitors, and know their strengths & weaknesses.  

Choosing the correct app development platform

If you have the right business solution and the correct app developers, there is no way errors could arise. Besides the number of apps, scope, and adaptability of the app, the platform will ensure that the designed UI and UX suit your Uber clone business needs. 

Pay attention to the marketing strategies 

It is important to focus on the marketing strategy because this ocean of potential audiences is enormous! Make strong strategies and implement them correctly to avoid any deviations. 


Decided to develop your own uber clone app? If yes, then this is the right time to keep in mind the pointers mentioned above. Your app is worth a million dollars and an asset that needs to be developed and maintained properly. 

Grab your chance to become an entrepreneur today!

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