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What Are Preemie Clothes? All You Need to Know About Preemie Clothes

A premature baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. A premature baby weighs between three to five pounds. Preemies usually wear preemie clothes depending on their weight and age when they are born. These are specially designed clothes with a size label P. 

As the name suggests, many people think preemie clothes are only for premature babies, but that is not true. Newly born babies can also wear preemie clothes after a few weeks of their birth. Preemie clothes come in various sizes that make them fit for even newly born babies. Preemie clothes are the best choice for newly born babies who weigh around five pounds. 

What Age of Baby is Considered a Preemie?

According to medical experts, a baby is full term after 37 weeks and is less likely to need medical support. Any baby born before this period is considered a preemie. A premature baby is smaller in size than and needs additional medical care. 

What is Preemie Clothes Size?

Preemie clothes are for premature babies. A premature baby is smaller in size as compared to a newly born baby. Therefore, preemie clothes are short in size. Many stores have a small variety of styles and sizes for preemie clothes. You can find preemie clothes for babies weighing between three to six pounds and 18 inches long. There are different sizes for preemies based on their weight and age. So, you will need to explore which clothes will fit your baby the best.

How Long Can Preemie Stay In Preemie Clothes?

Preemies can stay in preemie clothes as long as they fit them. The period of preemie clothes also depends on the age of the baby. If a baby is grown to full term, you can switch to newly born clothes on doctors’ recommendation. Usually, a preemie is expected to wear preemie clothes for up to three to six weeks. For more details about height and weight suggestions, you can read the label guide for preemie clothes. 

How to Wash Preemie Clothes?

Preemies are sensitive and most likely to get infections quickly. Chemicals may cause allergies to their skin. Therefore you need to take precautions when washing preemie clothes. 

  • Wash preemie clothes with warm water in a smoke-free environment. 
  • Don’t use fabric softener and dryer sheets.
  • Use perfume detergent that is dye free. 
  • Wash preemie clothes separately from other clothes. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping Preemie Clothes

  • Select the right size according to the weight and height of the baby.
  • Make sure clothes are not too tight.
  • Avoid buying clothes with buttons, as they can irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Choose soft fabrics because preemies have sensitive skin, and clothes should be gentle on their skin. 
  • Buy easy-to-put-on and take-off clothes. 
  • Select machine washable preemie clothes. 
  • Buy preemie clothes in small quantities as they will not fit the baby after a few weeks. 

Final Thoughts

Preemie clothes are specially designed for premature babies. There are a variety of preemie clothes available in the market. While buying preemie clothes, you must focus on common factors such as size, material, and quality. Make sure to buy the right comfortable and soft clothes for your baby. 

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