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What is Patio Swing? What are the Different Types of Patio Swings?

Patio swings are outdoor benches suspended by ropes or chains from an upper structure. Traditionally patio swings were made of wood, but today they are available in metal and other materials. Patio swings are very comfortable for their occupants and offer sturdy support. By installing a patio swing in your house’s backyard, you can enjoy pleasant weather and relax your mind. In this article, we will share the different types of patio swings. Let’s get started. 

Different Types of Patio Swings

Based on the installation, capacity, and features, patio swings can be classified into many types. Here are some common types of Patio swings.

Types of Patio Swings Based on Installation

Patio swings can be categorized into two types based on their installation. 

Patio Swings With Stand

As the name suggests, this type of swing patio comes with a self-stand. A patio swing with a stand consists of an overarching frame and a hanging bench suspended by rope or chain. These swigs are versatile and mobile. You can place them anywhere at ground level and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Some of the stand patio swings come with a built-in umbrella that protects you from the sun. These are the simple structure swings with self-standing ability. You don’t need to worry about additional hanging efforts. 

Hanging Patio Swings

All patio swings hang. But this type of swing does not come with a frame and stand structure. Therefore you need to hang them from the ceiling through chains or rope. These are simple structure swings and look very beautiful in the backyard.  For hanging a swing, the ceiling should have proper joists. If your porch is not covered or it does not have joists to hang the swing, buying a stand patio swing is the best option. 

Types of Patio Swings Based on Sitting Capacity

Single Person Swings

Single-person swing is smaller in size and easy to move from place to place. It comes with one person sitting capacity. These kinds of swings are perfect options for small porches. If your house has a big porch, you can still hang multiple single-person swings according to your choice. 

Two Person Swings

These are medium-sized swings with a sitting capacity of two people. These swings are the best option for couples to sit together and enjoy the outdoor weather while having a cup of coffee. 

Three Person Swings

If you have space on the porch and are looking for multiple people sitting arrangement, a three-person swing is an excellent choice. These patio swings are large enough to provide your backyard a much-needed seating. 

Four Person Swings

The largest patio swings available in the market are four-person swings. They give a beautiful luxurious look. These swings are stylish and comfortable. They come with a stand and hanging structure.  Remember, four-person swings need specific installation criteria as they have high load-bearing capacities. Before hanging a four-person swing, make sure your porch ceiling can support the swing or not. 

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