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Which Is The Best Canada Visa Permit For You?

Are you planning to visit Canada? If so, you must know how tricky and troublesome getting the best permit can be.

This North American country has become one of the most liked destinations, as getting a Canada visitor visa from India has become relatively easier. However, before relocating or visiting it, you must know about the different types of Canada visas available to choose the best option.

Different Types of Canada Visa

There are variations of Canadian visas according to your requirement, like Student visas, Tourist visas, Work permits, etc. Besides, there are different entry requirements for each visa type. 

Here are the different visa types that can help you move to Canada.

  • Work:

As the name suggests, Work Visa for Canada is for those moving to Canada for work. Therefore, you must get a work visa before you visit Canada for work. Additionally, there are some variations in work permits per your profession and reason for visiting the country.

Types of Work Visa

Mainly there are two types of Work Visas – the Open Work Permit and Employer Specific Permit, depending on your occupation and education. 

1. Open Work Permit

This permit is issued by the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) or immigration office and is applicable if you want to work under an employer for a certain period.

The several visa policies for Open Work Permit are as follows.

  • Candidates who applied for PR Canada from India or other countries
  • Students who are unable to afford their studies
  • Spouses or common-law partners of an aspirant
  • Someone will be attending a special program
  • Permanent residence applicants in Canada

2. Employer Specific Work Permit

Employer Specific Work Permit is required when you want to work with a valid offer, under a specific Canadian employer, and in a particular position.

  • Study:

Universities of Canada offer top-notch courses, infrastructures, and scholarship programs, making it one of the most chosen higher study destinations by students.

A student visa allows you to immigrate to Canada to study for more than six months.

  • Visitor:

Other than working or studying, anyone can visit Canada. However, while you are planning to visit Canada, look at the different visa policies available for visitors to avoid hassle and choose the best Canada visitor visa from India.

  • Single Entry Visa:

You can stay in Canada for a maximum of six months under a Single Entry Visa. Under this visa policy, you can stay in Canada for a certain period. However, you must reapply for the visa once you leave the country.

  • Multiple Entry Visitor Visa:

Under a Multiple Entry Visitor Visa, you can leave and revisit the country within six months without reapplying for a visa. This kind of visa policy is valid for ten years per visitor.

  • Permanent Residence:

You can apply for PR Canada from India if you intend to settle in Canada. With this permit, you can study or work once you become a permanent citizen.


One of the fastest growing countries like Canada can give you a prosperous life ahead, but choosing the best visa policy is essential for a hassle-free visit. So do your research and choose carefully.

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