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I recently purchased a Linksys router because my existing router was not making a perfect pair with my Linksys extender. For this, I spoke to my ISP as well to make things work for me. Do you know what he said?  He clearly denied it. I was really depressed about what he said. So, I straight away decided to replace my existing router with Linksys. Honestly, I have a feeling that I took the best decision for replacing my existing router. Because I already have a Linksys extender! After performing Linksys extender setup, I am getting an unbeatable internet range. Considering this, I decided to buy a router of the same brand. Now, the thing is, how to connect it (router) to my Linksys extender?


First of all, we would really appreciate your decision! This is one of the finest choices you have made. Not every router is compatible with Linksys extender. And, Linksys router is one of the best devices that make a perfect pair with Linksys extender.

Regarding your query – we can help you. In this post, we have mentioned one of the best tips that will help you connect your router and the extender in minutes. Keep reading!

Connect Linksys Router to Linksys Extender

Step-by-step Instructions

Turn on Your Devices

To execute the process:

  • Turn on your Linksys extender. Let the power LED on it become stable blue.

  • After a few minutes, turn on your Linksys router and connect it to Linksys extender setup-xxx.

Note: This was about powering on your devices and connecting your router and extender in a wireless manner. But, if you don’t want to make a wireless connection between your devices, then you can connect them with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Check the Power

Powering up your devices is not enough! You have to ensure that they (router and extender) are getting an adequate power supply from a working and non-damaged wall outlet. This is one of the most important steps toward connecting your Linksys extender and Linksys router in a hassle-free way.

Configure Your Router

If your Linksys router is new, then you might want to configure it, right? Of course yes! Then only you will be able to connect it with your Linksys extender.

So, without much delay, visit the official site of your router using Linksys router IP, and follow the setup instructions in the exact given order to configure it. Once your Linksys router gets configured, you can take the plunge to connect it to the Linksys extender.

Don’t worry! Following the on-screen Linksys router setup instructions isn’t rocket science. It is surely a piece of cake for you.

Connect Your Router and Extender

Here’s come the final step for connecting your Linksys router to Linksys extender:

  • Are you sure that your Linksys router and Linksys WiFi extender are receiving a fluctuation-free power supply?

  • If yes, then without much delay, locate the WPS button on your Linksys router.

  • Wait for a few minutes. Let the WPS LED on it start blinking.

  • Now, press the WPS button on your Linksys extender as well. The WPS LED on it will also start blinking.

The wait is now over! You have successfully connected your Linksys router and Linksys extender. Isn’t the process as easy as counting 123? Now, to verify the connection between them:

  • Log in to your Linksys extender using 

  • Once done, log in to your Linksys router using Linksys router IP as well.

Note: Only 2 out of 10 users get and Linksys router IP not working issue. This is because they haven’t connected their Linksys router and Linksys extender in a proper way. In that case, we suggest them to:

  • Disconnect their Linksys router and WiFi extender

  • Reset them one by one

  • Configure the Linksys router first and then the WiFi extender

  • And, once the devices get configured, follow the tips provided above to reconnect them

We hope that you aren’t one of them who are getting and Linksys router IP not working issue because your devices are successfully connected, right?

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